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Skywriting is an Amazing and Wonderful Art

Advertisement is a common phenomenon which has become a necessity in today’s world. Every company is carrying out advertising according to its budget. The key to succeed in this competitive environment is to advertise in an innovative and creative way. It will make the company or product stand out from the crowd. Even aerial advertising is not a novel idea in the current scenario. Sky writing was invented as a latest and effective mean of advertising. Now, modification and advancement has been made in it. Sky writing, in simple words mean to write in the sky with the smoke ejected from the planes. Sky typing, is the name assigned to the advanced and latest sort of sky writing.

Generally, it uses a thick white smoke to make it prominent enough for people to read it. Customized color can be ordered according to the desire of the customers. Besides being pleasurable, sky writing is such a procedure that creates highest impact without presenting in the manner of conventional advertising. The captivating words and phrases make the whole concept entertaining. It is the most amusing and wonderful type of advertising that touches the hearts of every human being who witness it. It works on the technique of positive word of mouth i.e., one who witnessed it will convey to the one who missed it.

The procedure of sky writing is carried out with the help of four to five small aircraft. Engine heat is required to turn specifically paraffin oil into white smoke that is expected to release under pressure. This type of writing is designed at 10,000 to 17,000 ft height. It is practical only in clear skies where the wind is moderate. The aircraft is directed to emanate unusual smoke at some stage in flying. These are assigned to fly in definite patterns to generate writing legible by anyone standing on the land. It can also be done with one plane which is able to write maximum six letters. It is usually carried out with a proficient pilot at certain times to choreograph upside downward as it is settled at what time smoke is desired for the inscription. The planes fly firmly parallel and central courses almost in a perfect union and coordination as possible. The message that is to be presented is set on an advanced control panel. The moment planes fly alongside each other electronic signals forces the smoke-emission method in every plane to discharge puffs of the special smoke accordingly. Four to six planes are considered necessary for long scripts so that the complete note is discernible at one time.

Sky writing is an excellent medium to target a large amount of audience that is witnessed on an event, beach, carnival or a sport activity. It is one of the intriguing methods which not only conveys the message but leaves a positive and exciting impact on the viewer. The generated message can comprise anything; ranging from catchphrase or a greeting. This nature of advertising caters to people residing in the locality and is predominantly cheerful, goodwill and displaying celebrations It is not only aimed to target a large group of people, but can be for one person as well. People who wish to convey a special message to the loved one or spouse can make use of this mean as well. It is the most loved and unique way of conveying a message to someone. Usually, through this sky writing images of hearts can be made in the sky expressing the love. It is considered to be the most romantic way to express love to partner or fianc

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