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Heavy Weather Hit European Economies

A blizzard of 2010 in Europe, has continued since the end of November to Christmas. European countries led storm paralyzed transportation, holiday shopping volume dropped, aviation, railway, retail and other industries subject to shocks. After Christmas, although the weather started getting better in Europe, but the blizzard of cold to the economic recovery has not yet dispersed.

Loss of millions of pounds on British Airways

Heavy weather hit European airline industry, many countries a large number of flights canceled, hundreds of thousands of passengers stranded in the airport was forced to spend Christmas Eve.

Known as the world’s busiest airports – Heathrow International Airport UK a number of routes were closed, only about 30% of the plane was allowed to take off, the airport is almost paralyzed; Europe’s largest airports – Frankfurt Airport in Germany nearly trip flights were canceled; Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France, nearly a hundred times to cancel flights, more than 3,000 passengers stranded in the airport.

Investment Bank of Ireland, according to Davy Stockbrokers analysts expect the current round of extreme weather that day, British Airways lost at least 10 million pounds of profit.

Air transport has become a national transportation infrastructure in Europe, “weak link”, “This situation is unacceptable and should not happen again.”

Snow on the ground under the onslaught of traffic can not be optimistic. In the case of flights were canceled, many British tourists choose to take the high-speed railway, “Eurostar”, go through the Channel tunnel and other European countries. The high-speed railway in inclement weather is also facing the speed limit, “Eurostar” so prolong the journey time of two hours, many trains were canceled, passengers international railway station waiting in a queue.

In addition, the snow also led to a significant decline in road capacity. Head of the British Road Transport Association, said Kate Gibbs, pre-Christmas blizzard in terms of the European transport industry “absolutely terrible”, and many transportation companies could face bankruptcy.

Nearly half of retail sales slump

Snow is not only “freeze” the European transport, more “frostbite,” the retailer’s heart.

In the UK, severe weather discourage the consumer holiday “shopping” the impulse, had hoped to earn at Christmas pours businesses disappointed. British Retail Consortium is expected, compared to last year, the British retail market sales of the storm fell at least 10%, the hardest hit in the snow, and even retail sales plunged by 50%. Nantes, France, the People’s Bank economist, investment bank, is expected Caffey, the United Kingdom in December retail sales than the same period last year plummeted 20% to 30%.

UK retail sales in December may be lower than expected, after shopping this month, the company expects the number of the UK fell 4.2%, bad weather will make the retail market sentiment is worse. Data show that in the retail market to be the most popular of the December 22 to 24, the British passenger traffic fell 6.1% year on year.

Frankfurt, Germany, the retail market, “chill” attacks, analysts predict that weather factors, the Frankfurt Christmas retail sales dropped last year to 15-20%.

However, as faster economic recovery in the European countries suffer from a “freezing” at the same time, the Belgian consumer market has significant independence hot. During the festival, despite the heavy snow blocked the road, the Belgian capital of Brussels, the major supermarkets and shopping malls are still crowded. Belgian consumer organizations Research and Information Center is expected the week of Christmas this year, product sales in Belgium, 40% than the same period last year. Brussels’s largest public information officer Baladaier City 2 shopping mall is also optimistic that the center during this year’s Christmas sales will be better than last year.

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