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Get the Most Out of Your Paper Shredder With the Right Accessories

Whether you’ve had a paper shredder for years or you just bought your first one for either your home or office, you might be wondering if there’s anything you need to buy to go along with your device. The answer is, Yes, there is, because you’re going to want to keep your machine in good working order and ensure it’s easy to operate. The best way to do that is by investing in some high-quality accessories. Here’s a short list of what’s out there and how they can help you get the most out of your machine.

1.) Bags and boxes. Just about every paper shredder has a wastebasket in which your shreds are stored until you either throw them away or recycle them. You can even lift some of these wastebaskets out of the device to dispose of your waste. However, using a bag or box can make recycling and/or disposal much easier…not to mention cleaner. That’s because your shreds will be contained and are less likely to fly all over the place and make your office a mess. Bags and boxes are available for a variety of models, including devices manufactured by Fellowes, GBC, DestroyIt, Martin Yale, and Dahle. Be sure to note the make and model of your device before purchasing some so that you can get the right ones and avoid the hassle of returning them if they don’t fit.

2.) Shredder oil: bottles and sheets. The best thing you can do for your shredder is oil it on a regular basis. Oiling your shredder will keep the machine running perfectly by preventing the build-up of paper dust and reducing wear and tear on the motor. Oil is available in two formats: bottles and sheets. When using a bottle of oil, you can apply the lubricant directly to the machine’s cutting head and then run a sheet of paper through the device to soak up any extra liquid. Lubricated sheets are a convenient way to oil your machine, and using them can be a lot less messy than using bottled oil.

3.) Automatic oilers. If you have a continuous duty shredder and/or one that’s used on a very frequent basis, you may want to invest in an automatic oiler. These products attach to your shredder and automatically lubricate the machine on a designated schedule. This frees you or your employees to do other things and will ensure that your device is always well-lubricated and ready for use. Be sure to check your machine’s instruction manual to see if the device can accommodate an automatic oiler.

4.) Storage shelves and sound buffers. If you’re going to be shredding a lot of paper, you may find that a storage shelf comes in handy. These products attach directly to your machine and can be used to store paper or accessories, such as oil and extra bags. Finally, depending on the shredder you have, there may be a sound buffer you can purchase to reduce the amount of noise your device produces. For example, if you have a DestroyIt device, the company’s Sound Reduction Cover can be used to make your office a more peaceful environment.

Paper shredding is ultimately a very easy thing to do, but having the right accessories on hand can make the process go much more smoothly. Stock up on these supplies today!

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