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Develop Your Name Recognition and Get Tons of Free Leads

Have you ever noticed the big people in MLM or network marketing seem always say they get more free leads than they can handle? Why do you think that happens. Here is the truth, they big hitters work harder on building name recognition in their business more than everyone else.

They understand the concept that the harder you work on building your name recognition generally converts to getting traffic to your website. So by getting more people going to your site, you are going to also get a higher conversion rate. And isn’t that what you are really after? People search you out and then join your list. What a win-win situation.

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced network marketer. One of your goals has to be to develop you reputation within your business. So how the heck do you do that? There are a number of different ways.

One way to develop name recognition and build traffic is article marketing. Write articles in your niche and distribute them to the major article marketers like Ezine Articles. Make sure your articles provide value to readers. Write reviews on businesses, write reviews or articles on the big hitters within your industry, and provide solutions to your readers. Make sure you provide value to your readers and they will start searching you out. Put a back link in your author resource box to your site so they can connect easily.

Look for a forum in your niche and become a contributing member. Meaning just don’t read but make sure you make comments. Go out of your way to help people and they start noticing you. Share your experience and expertise in your business. They more you honestly participate the more trust you build with the other members on the forum.

Perhaps you have noticed throughout your schooling and at conferences that if someone has asked a question either you or someone else has the same question. Same thing happens in forums. When a thread is posted asking for advice or asking a technical question there are other people with the same question. Rather than starting a new thread with the same question they just search out the threads. If you can provide a quality answer or suggestion than people start noticing you more and more. Just like in article marketing, make sure you provide a back link in your signature file directing people back to your site.

In my opinion one of the most fun things to do is video marketing through You Tube. You can develop extremely high amounts of free traffic through video marketing. Videos gives you the opportunity to bring your personality out. Share information, make people laugh, maybe even do a short interview with someone else in your niche. Just like the two suggestions above, be yourself, provide free information, provide a link in your profile to go to your site, and then start watching the traffic coming to your site and eventually becoming leads.

When you start driving traffic and developing your name recognition, make sure you are providing valuable information. Make sure your products are a high quality. Deliver more than what your competitors are doing and perhaps for a lower price or charging the same price. When people start believing they are receiving value from you then your name recognition and your profits start to climb and will climb as long as you continue to give value to your leads.

Mark Nelson is one of the top online Network Marketing and MLM Coaches. Mark mentors on relationship marketing, appreciation marketing, social media, and using traditional prospecting techniques.

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