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Perfumes For Men and Women

Perfumes For Men And Women

For some people, it might be easy to dismiss perfumes and colognes as an unnecessary luxury. But the truth is, if only people knew how to work them to their advantage, they can do a lot of favors. Having a signature scent will help you grow on other people; it makes it easier for them to distinguish you from the rest. Plus, it makes you more attractive. What’s there not to like?

However, you should also remember that not all scents might suit you. Hence, it is important that you know how to pick the right scent from a myriad of choices.

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For starters, here are some tips that you could follow when you are shopping for perfumes:

1. Take the time to go through your options. When you apply a perfume for the first time, the first thing that you will smell is the alcohol. It usually takes some time before the “real” scent settles on your skin or clothes. So when you’re testing a certain perfume brand, wait for five to ten minutes upon application before putting the scent to test. If you’re willing to wait for much longer, you can also leave the perfume overnight to see how long it will last.

2. As much as possible, don’t use the same perfume that your friends use on themselves. According to perfume aficionados, certain scents smell differently when applied on different individuals. Also, they claim that lifestyle might have something to do with it. In other words, a perfume brand that smells good on your friend might not really smell good on you, so if you can help it, avoid making risky choices. Go find a scent that will suit your unique personality.

3. Know the difference. Perfumes vary in the amount of scent concentration. Sometimes, you can figure it out just by referring to their names. The purest is labeled “parfum” and it contains around 25% to 30% extract; hence, it is the most expensive. The cheapest is the cologne and it usually contains 12% to 15% extract.

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Don’t miss out on this opportunity: indulge in the sweetest of scents and stimulate your senses.


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