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Common Guest Complaints About the Wedding Reception

You have put endless hours into the planning of your wedding and reception. The last thing you want is to have negative feedback from your guests. As we all know “you can’t please everyone”, you can however try to please the majority. With these tips and careful planning, you can avoid the complaints from ever happening!

• The DJ and music played were not good – Entertainment at your reception is very important. Be sure to ask friends and relatives for recommendations. If you choose a DJ you are not familiar with, be sure to go out and see that at another event so you know first hand what to expect from them. Make sure you sit down with them before the wedding and plan out a music play list to your liking.

• The music played was too loud – Another issue to discuss with your DJ beforehand. You want to choose someone experienced that you know will be attentive to this issue. The reception is a place to party but not as if you are in a club. You definitely want music at a level that conversation can still be heard. Another suggestion is to seat older guests away from speakers or other sound equipment.

• Speeches were way too long – It is common that the maid of honor and best man and sometimes even parents of bride and groom give speeches or toasts at the reception. This is something to discuss with each individual who will be speaking to ensure they keep speeches within 2-5 minutes. A great idea would be to have this done at rehearsal dinner the night before. You can be a little more lenient with time in a more intimate setting.

• I never got to speak to the bride and groom – Try to make rounds to all the guest tables. You don’t have to spend a lot of time at each, just be sure to address each guest with a hello and thank you.

• There was too much time to kill between the wedding and reception – Keep in mind that following the ceremony you will be taking photos for probably at least 30 minutes. Whether your reception at the same location as the ceremony or it is off site, you don’t want to leave guests waiting with nothing to do. Provide a cocktail hour with drinks and hor dourves or even entertain the option to let guests go ahead and start eating. You don’t want them to lose interest and leave before you even make it to the reception.

• We didn’t know anyone at our table – While it may be hard to plan out a seating chart, it will be beneficial in the end for your guests. Start by placing guests that know each other at tables together. Place out of town guests next to family members or others that they share similar interests with.

• I never got a thank you for my gift – It is extremely important that you send thank you notes to those that gave you a gift. Be sure to divide this task with your groom – don’t take this on all by yourself!

Jamie Johnson is a writer for Wholesale Event Solutions, a company offering discount wedding and event planning supplies including wedding poppers, wedding pillars and columns, battery candles, and much more!

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