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Cheap Perfumes Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Poor Quality Perfume

Cheap Perfumes Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Poor Quality Perfume

It’s a well known fact that most people prefer smelling good to giving off unpleasant odors. This is one of the reasons why there is a great demand for perfumes as a regular part of most people’s daily hygiene. Perfumes come in different forms, fragrances, quality and price range.

There are luxury perfumes from high end perfume brands, cheaper perfumes from more affordable perfumers; niche perfumes from independent perfumers and artisan crafters.

However, it is quite interesting that although a perfume might sell for a high price, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is made with expensive ingredients. Also, the fact that a perfume sells for very little money doesn’t mean it is made with low quality ingredients.

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While the perfume making process is basically the same for making perfumes in different price ranges, manufactures with lower overall production cost might be able to offer good quality fragrances at cheaper prices. Sometimes, all it comes down to is the profit margin applied to the finish product. A perfume that cost $2 to make might be sold for $10 by some affordable perfume brands, while a luxury brand might market the same product for $80. In such a situation packaging, marketing and branding are usually what makes the difference.

Ultimately, the perfumes people buy comes down to taste and affordability. As much as most of us like to be associated with luxury, some of us have champagne taste and beer budget. Given that not everyone can afford to buy expensive luxury perfumes, many perfume manufacturers cater for the less expensive part of the market. There are beautiful perfumes for every taste and budget and they can be sourced from a wide range of outlets. Cheap perfumes, designer perfumes, discounted perfumes and everything in between can be bought on the internet, at shopping malls, fragrance boutiques and other venues.

So Why the Cheap Prices?

Most people make the assumption that because a perfume is more affordable than the top branded ones, that the quality must be compromised. Truth be told, these perfumes are often cheaper because of the lower costs associated with their manufacturing and marketing of the finished product.

Some manufacturers even choose to exclusively sell online to cut out the logistics cost of distributing the fragrances to middlemen/ distributors. The more people in the distribution chain of a product usually mean the price being bumped up to make it worth everyone’s while. By selling direct to the end user, the manufacturer call sell at a cheaper price.

Are Cheap Perfumes Made With Sub-Standard Ingredients?

The fragrance and cosmetics manufacturing industry is one of the most highly regulated business sectors. Every care is usually taken to ensure that safety is enforced so that people are not exposed to the use of dangerous and low quality perfume ingredients. Ironically, both the expensive and cheap perfume can contain sub-standard ingredients if the manufacturers are unscrupulous. This is why it as the regulatory bodies insists on safety assessments of cosmetic products.

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Finally, yes it is true that some perfumes are made with more expensive ingredients than others, but expensive doesn’t always mean top quality. Perfume manufacturers are not charities, but profit making organizations, so it is only to be expected that they would want to make reasonable profit from their products. Producing a $10 perfume that can only sell for $9 does not make business sense.

Remy Baker is a successful perfumer, entrepreneur and the author of Scent2Riches Perfume Making From Home Guide. Remy loves everything about perfume making and enjoys showing others the tricks of the trade; especially how to make perfumes for less than $5. If you’ve found this article helpful, you can find out more about how to make your own perfume for pleasure or profit here:


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