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The Rise and Importance of Womanhood

Every where the outcry is of the emancipation of women. What exactly does this mean and in which sphere do women need emancipation? It cannot be classified as something just physical. It is something much more than that. Something that involves the essence of being a woman which includes along with physical, mental, spiritual and intellectual uplifting. Womanhood encapsulates everything divine and feminine like compassion, love, nurturing, healing and unification of forces. It is the perfect understanding of the universe within and without. It is the connection of the inner self and the outer world around us.

So the emancipation of women is universal freedom that is at once, creative, generative and constructive. The only ray of hope in this ruthless world which is every day deteriorating, is the emancipation of women who are seen by some as compassion and love personified.

Womanhood signifies birth and she is the force on which the universe thrives. It also emphasizes that the universe is essentially creative and generative in nature and everything that exists and everything that happens in this universe has a purpose. This acceptance of everything in the world good or bad makes life worth living.

Women have to come up transcending gender, race, religion and caste. To achieve this women folk have to come up as a collective force in every aspect of life, like socioeconomics, politics and religion. This will bring about the balance that has tilted towards a patriarchal society which is based on power and ruthlessness. Just have a look around and you will find negativity gripping every sphere of life. There is physical, intellectual, mental and spiritual death leading to degeneration, selfishness, self oriented materialism, manipulation and exploitation. This is due to the projection of the masculine principle or rather due to the women trying to emulate man in all spheres that is not natural.

Women and men are two entities coming from two different planets. Men come from mars and women from venus. Mars embodies war, death and mayhem while venus is love consolidated. So mars needs the feminine grace to become sober and kind. It is the duty of the female gender to bring in peace, love and compassion. There is no need for women to become men. Though Women are physically weak, they are emotionally strong. The feminine principle has to be awakened. It is responsible for the larger world view.

Along with the feminine view, masculine action can bring about the change the world desperately needs. Life becomes a total celebration. The real celebration lies in the awakening of the real self of womanhood. She should realize her worth and should find her place. A perfect sync of yin and yang energy (male and female energy) can bring about a social order that is at once harmonious and growing. It is not without truth that great talents have always associated or pictured women as nature. She is the life giving universal force that maintains life even at the face of utter chaos and disorder.

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