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Looking For Plus Size Trendy Clothing?

Over a third of American women wear size 14 and up, and designers are quickly tapping into this booming market. Plus-size boutiques are featured at the best retail chains, from Macy’s to Bloorningdale’s, Nordstrom to Saks. As manufacturers provide a new range of options, every woman has the opportunity to look and feel great. Now, a leading consultant in the plus size market whose clients include top designers and retailers provides step-by-step guidance to planning, buying, and caring for a wardrobe that is both fashionable and flattering.

At least 35 million women in the United States one in three wear a size 14 or over. Although you certainly couldn’t tell by reading a magazine or looking at television, there are as many size 18s as there are size 8s, Perhaps most surprising is that plus-size women have the same demographics as the rest of the population the same ages, incomes, lifestyles.

Larger people have such a negative image in our culture, and yet study reveals that many Americans fall outside standard height/weight tables. And whatever the current statistics, we are all heading in the same direction; the group of women aged thirty-five to sixty-four who wears plus sizes will grow 16.5 percent in this decade as the whole of our population ages (and expands).

The truth is, the real American woman looks nothing like what you may think. The average woman is 5’4″ tall, weighs 144 pounds, and is a size 12 on the top and a 14 on the bottom. Though this woman represents the average, she’s nearly plus-size by fashion industry standards! These days we’re fortunate to have a much broader interpretation of beauty, which incorporates a little more of the natural variations on the female form. Undoubtedly many of us still suffer to meet unrealistic standards of perkiness, thinness, and other valued qualities, but now at least variation in eye, hair, and skin colors has become “acceptable,” Whether you are seventeen or seventy, you can learn a few skills that will make the most of what you have and help you feel better about yourself, knowing that you’re taking control for you, not to meet someone else’s ideal. If you have never thought of yourself as a fashion everywoman, or as belonging to a large group of women who look, live, and feel the same as you, here’s where you start to change your outlook, your self-image, and the image you project. You’ll find out that while unique in mind and body, you are definitely not alone and that you can look great and feel not only okay, but terrific about yourself without losing a pound. By changing your perspective about yourself and what defines beauty or style, you can reclaim your stake in the female style mainstream.

Do you think you will automatically look better a few pounds lighter? Do you think it’s impossible for you to look attractive until you are no longer a size 18? 16? 14?

Well, you’re not alone. Despite their numbers, our culture takes an exceptionally dim view of women who fall outside “normal” size/weight ranges, you know what I mean sometimes it feels as if we’re the last group in America its okay to disrespect! But together we can turn around this naive way of thinking by shifting our own perspective and changing the way we look at ourselves.

Perhaps this narrow thinking (pardon the pun) is influenced by our Puritan background, which idealizes self-denial and makes us feel guilty for self-indulgence and acceptance of a less-than-perfect self. The popular biased thinking goes like this: If you’re overweight you must be giving in to temptation all the time, and you should feel guilty about being so weak. You aren’t entitled to feel okay or buy anything new until you toe the line, restrain yourself, and lose weight. You sinful bad thing! How dare you expect anything better for yourself!

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