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Lola Et Moi: The Top Selections of Lola Et Moi Clothing

Started in the year 2003 in Beirut, Lola et moi easily became one of the favorite clothing lines of mothers. Even celebrity moms like Tori Spelling and Kelly Ripa favor the beautiful creations of this European clothing label. If you want to dress up your little girl in fashionable yet comfortable clothing, you will be able to find couture and charming clothes from this clothing line. As of the current times, Lola et moi is considered as one of the leading clothing names in the world, catering to the market of 6 months to 10-year-old girls. The clothing items of this label come with careful details on its designs. The designer makes sure that every little girl who wears a Lola et moi creation feels comfortable and appears sophisticated.

The Different Selections of Top-Selling Clothes from Lola Et Moi

Lola et moi has a broad range of different clothing items for your daughter to choose from. She can take a pick from cute dresses, beautiful blouses, and charming pants and bloomers. There are several choices of beautiful designs and fashionable clothing from this label. The following are some of the top picks of Lola et moi clothing.

Butterfly-printed Dresses. When your child wears this design from Lola et moi, she will definitely be the epitome of a pretty and sweet girl that you see in clothing brochures. This dress has a classic design of frills and dainty trims. Its fabric color is blue, along with detailed prints of flowers and butterflies. This creation from Lola et moi comes with a pair of matching bloomers, which has lace trims. Made from 100 percent cotton, this dress is easy to handwash.

Flower-printed Baby Outfits. This is one of the creations from Lola et moi appropriate for baby girls. This baby outfit is one of the clothing items from the label’s collection of flower rainbow designs. This one-piece apparel comes with a brightly colored top and a bubble bottom. The color of the top is bright pink, while the bottom has flower prints in rainbow colors. The top is affixed with a dainty flower appliqu

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