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Knitwear is Timeless in Fashion. Women Knitwear News 2009

Is knitwear still HOT in 2009??

Refinement and sophistication is representative of every woman. Fashion provides more variety every year with winter styles that add more meaning to daily lives. This seasons clothing is not limited to shrugs and jackets, and broadens to accessories, boots and headgear.

There is a lot left to discover in the cosmetic area of skin and hair. An overall look is necessary to take away the winter blues.

The high street is already brimming in every corner with jumpers, knit dresses and cardigans and it’s only January! Cozy woolen cardigans in a number of colours and styles flatter everyone, no matter their size or shape. For example, if you are an ample busted woman who has always found it hard to find cardigans to fit, it’s time to cheer!

Comeback fashion of the past and a variety of current yet royal looks is the trend of the season. Forest greens, browns, rusty orange, fiery reds or common grays – the collection varies every year. Capes, pea coats and knee length coats command this year’s trend.

Strong trends can be assumed in plaid designed over coats with a long muffler that hangs loose. Ponchos are popular for the casual wearer, jackets for the bold look, and dainty designs in cashmere and cardigans. A stole can adorn a garb and scarf tying is a true talent. Necklines are seen in a lot of designs – there is open and lace collars, V-necks and polos.

Comfort is fundamental with lining/layers that are breathable. Body stretch fabric is feminine. The perfect look is achieved with zipper T-shirts in wool patterns. There are stylized caps – Isle hats with tassels in the end, braided designs, poppy hats, camel hair hats and earflaps. Not compromising on the comfort is the idea behind the completion of the look. Pockets with inner layers in wool or silk are regular detail. Ornate gloves are crucial and well designed to accentuate lady-like fingers.

Knitwear is timeless in fashion. There were a lot of tiny mini skirts, leggings and leather partnered up with ample long jackets this year. Designs need to be lightweight and wind resistant for aviation experts. Anyone going on an expedition to the polar locations must have water resistant gear for the melting snow or unexpected blizzards and polar boots which give a powerful and stable grip. Headgear and goggles are crucial as well.

The secret is in the fit and the ability to carry it. Every style needs to be experimented with, whether it is the grunge look with heavy denims, tweed jackets or roadie boots with headband. Putting together jeans, a cropped jacket and pumps is a good idea. There are also women knitwear available made with warm and comfy fabric.

With the more recent designs of sweater dress and its wide range, one soon comes to the realization that FUR is not even necessary. If you have bold makeup and the ideal hairstyle, you can melt the snow.

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