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Finding Healing After Rape

As a victim of rape, you know that it is truly a horrifying experience. Finding emotional healing after such a traumatic event is never easy. It is a difficult journey with many different obstacles to overcome. For each person, the road to recovery will be different. So no one can tell you exactly how to find healing and recovery. Hopefully the following suggestions will give you a starting point for physical and emotional healing.

Among sexual crimes that are reported, analysts have concluded that women are more likely to be sexually assaulted than men. Regardless of your particular circumstances, however, the following suggestions may be useful. Male and female victims of sexual assault are often forced to confront the same issues.

Immediately following a rape, the survivor should seek medical attention. Often rape leads to internal as well as external injuries. You may not know about the internal injuries you have sustained, but a physician will be able to diagnose and treat them. In addition, the medical exams conducted after a rape can aid authorities in tracking down the criminal and gathering evidence for a conviction. Seeking treatment from a physician also increases your chances for prevent pregnancy and STDs.

Unfortunately victims will have to face some very tough questions, such as whether or not to report a rape. There are quite a few reasons one some survivors file a report with the police. For instance, some victims feel better knowing that their attacker has been caught and convicted. They gain a sense of closure and satisfaction knowing that the criminal will not be able to rape again.

Still, a number of women chose not to report the assault to the police. There are many reasons why a woman may not want to file a police report. The process of reporting the crime, investigating the crime, and going through a trial can be grueling and last for a very long times. No matter what happens in the end, only the victim can decide on the best course of action for their own healing.

One of the ways that victims of sexual assault can begin to heal is to look for ways to make themselves feel more empowered. Some buy a self defense DVD and study a martial art or other form of self defense. Others change the locks, buy pepper spray, and increase the level of security they have at home. By doing these things, victims may feel less helpless.

Counseling or group therapy is almost always recommended for survivors.

It’s good to surround yourself with people who are supportive. Counseling hot-lines and crisis centers provide excellent short-term resources, and they can help you find long-term support and navigate the bureaucracy to find the help and benefits you need. Psychotherapy is another avenue for healing. After a rape, many survivors suffer through emotional issues including anxiety issues, control issues, and issues regarding sexuality. Professional help is often the best tool for working through these problems successfully.

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