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Fertility Awareness Method is a Natural Alternative to Pills

It is important to watch your body’s signs so you can understand when ovulation is coming. This means you can use the Fertility Awareness Method to discover when you are the most fertile. Then you will know whether to abstain from sexual activity or to enjoy intercourse.

Rather than getting desperate, you should start watching your body’s signs. It has been created to let you know when ovulation is going to happen. Knowing this date is necessary for those trying to get pregnant or wanting to avoid it, partly because they aren’t taking actual birth control pills. A variety of women have started using the Fertility Awareness Method, as it serves as a natural alternative for learning when the body is fertile for developing a baby.

However, if you want the Fertility Awareness Method to be successful, you need to know your three fertility signs every morning. It requires close monitoring of your basal body temperature, the cervix’s position and knowing the amount of cervical fluid in the body. Every morning you will receive a different response, which is why you need to know your body and make sure to track the numbers.

It is important to understand your body, because it is the only way you will know what is going on in the complicated reproductive system. The reason is there are three signs that indicate ovulation will be beginning. One that is noticeable is the body’s waking temperature will continue to rise for around 12 to 16 days. At the start of ovulation, the cervix quickly drops, becomes firm and is closed. The cervical fluid dries up quickly as well.

During the menstrual cycle cervical mucus changes consistency and plays critical role in fertilization of eggs. Cervical mucus before ovulation help in drawing sperm up and to the fallopian tubes where fertilization takes place. It also helps to keep up the survival of sperm within the woman’s body.

In a 28 days cycle, after 5 days of menstruation there are 5 dry days.

Cervical mucus begins with sticky, cloudy, whitish, or yellowish secretions. The wetness increases to the wettest day when mucus is quite unique: like egg whites – clear, very slippery, abundant and very stretchy. Ovulation occurs sometime in the 2 days before or up to 2 days after the peak day of elastic fertile mucus.

There are different signs after ovulation has passed for another month. Suddenly, the body’s waking temperature is low, the cervix is higher, open, and softer, and the cervical fluid is once again wet.

It is important to know whether or not you should use the Fertility Awareness Method, as it is a commitment on your part. You cannot do it halfway, because otherwise it isn’t an effective birth control means. For those who know their body, these women like using this method because it controls the body’s reproductive system without having to take any pills. Instead, when used correctly, this method is a natural alternative to preventing pregnancy or telling you when it is time for sexual activity.

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