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What Is the Best Intercourse Position To Get Pregnant?

The best position to get pregnant is not necessarily the missionary position. But there is no evidence to this claim that the missionary position is the best way or not the best way to get pregnant.

Getting pregnant is about getting the sperm near the cervix. Fertilization normally happens at the upper end of the fallopian tube and sperms will swim to this point without the help of gravity.

If a woman is lying on her back, that can help the sperms swim faster but it may not be necessary in every case.

It appears that the best position to get pregnant may be the position that makes you enjoy sex more.

You can increase your chances of getting pregnant by doing other things.

For instance if you know the time when you are most fertile, you could increase your chances of getting pregnant. Normally you are fertile a couple of days after the end of the period. Ovulation is when you are most fertile. You need to study your body to know when you are ovulating. You are able to study and know your body if you keep records about your menstrual period. For most women, the average menstrual cycle is about 28 days. There is different cycles for all women. Because women are all different, menstrual cycles are also different.

The period of the blood flows is around one week. The menstruation period is only for a week or so. Ovulation usually happens within 10 days of the end of the blood flows. Almost always you will see signs that you are ovulating. Some of the signs are more than normal mucus discharge. The tenderness of the breasts itself and particularly around the nipples during this period could also be a sign of ovulation. You need to be careful not to miss the day of the ovulation. Women are fertile for only a few days after their period. Rather, look for the the most fertile period to get pregnant, than the best position to get pregnant.

You must know the fertile days in order to time your intercourse to coincide with it.A Fertility Calendar can help you to record details about your menstrual cycle.. So rather than relying on a best position to get pregnant your chances of getting pregnant will be increased if you know when you are most fertile to get pregnant. You can find more information about the best position to get pregnant at =”_blank”> POSITION TO GET PREGNANT

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