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Prevent Yeast Infection in 5 Easy Steps

Simple changes in lifestyle can prevent yeast infection. Follow these 5 steps and you will go a long way toward preventing yeast infections:

1. Minimize the Use of Antibiotics

Most experts believe that antibiotics are the number one cause of yeast infections. Antibiotics are designed to kill bacteria and they do it very well. The problem is that they kill good bacteria along with the bad bacteria. The body needs good bacteria in order to fight off yeast overgrowth. When the natural bacterial balance within the body is upset the body is no longer able to fight the growth of Candida yeast and an infection results. The use of antibacterial soaps is one way people experience a build-up of antibiotics without even knowing it. Use antibiotics only when absolutely necessary.

2. Wear the Right Clothing

Yeast grows best in a tight, closed area where there is little air flow. Tight, non-cotton clothing traps heat and moisture and creates an ideal environment for yeast to grow. Wear cotton clothing whenever possible and make sure your underwear is cotton, without dyes, and not too tight.

3. Avoid Dangerous Chemicals

Certain inks, dyes, and perfumes can trigger an allergic reaction that encourages the growth of yeast. Commercial douches are a leading culprit. These products disrupt the vaginal environment and create a situation in which the body is less able to fight off the infection. Other sources of chemicals that might lead to an infection are perfumed toilet papers, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, bubble baths and salts, feminine deodorant sprays, and scented tampons.

4. Watch What You Eat

Reduce the amount of sugar you eat and you will reduce the amount of Candida yeast in your body. Refined white sugar causes the body to produce hormones that stress the liver and create a hormonal imbalance. Sugar robs the body of needed vitamins and nutrients and makes it difficult for the body to fight off a yeast attack.

5. Change Your Birth Control Method

Naturally occurring as well as artificial hormones can affect yeast growth and the body’s ability to defend against it. Pregnant women are particularly prone to Candida because of hormonal changes. Contraceptive pills are probably the leading hormonal cause of yeast infections. Many women find that their infections go away completely when they change from birth control pills to a non-hormonal method.

You can prevent yeast infection by making a few changes to your lifestyle. It might sound hard but with the right help and a complete understanding of the root causes of the infections it can be done. Please do not try to do this alone. You need the help and support of someone who has already gone through it and already eliminated her yeast infections.

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