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Flower Girls and Ring Bearers: Making Way for the Bride

Memories of your wedding day start in the beautiful moments when the bride is walking down the aisle and the smiles, charm, and sometimes funny moments provided by the little flower girls and ring bearers leading the way will only add to the joy of your wedding!

Traditionally the flower girl will lead while accompanied by the ring-bearer boy. However it is now popular for weddings to also have another boy or girl tasked with holding a sign proclaiming “HERE COMES THE BRIDE” to the waiting groom and guests.

Some wedding processions have even used 2 or more flower girls in front of the bride.

During the ceremony flower girls and ring bearer can walk together or come down the aisle 3 minutes apart. This can vary if you plan to add multiple flower girls to your wedding party. Also keep in mind that while the added children are cute, they are also more likely to be distract each other and might in turn distract your guests. That is why more than four children are not recommended.

Your will choose these boys and girls from family members (daughters, sons, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc) as well as from children of your close friends. There’s no rule about the age limit for a flower girl or ring bearer. However it’s worth choosing from among children that are old enough to walk down the aisle alone, the recommended age being between 4 and 9 years old. A good first step is to make a list of all the little assistants that will be available to you, as that will certainly help the bride and groom in deciding who will be best for the job.

Once you have chosen them, do not forget that it is very important that they be present during the rehearsal so that they can practice their role and understand what is expected of them. This will allow you, on the big day, to feel more comfortable.

You should also look to how you will dress the children in your wedding. The ring bearer’s suit, for example, should match the one chosen by the groom but it is not necessary for it to be identical. You can choose the same fabric and color but a different style or the same cut of suit but different color. A tailored suit, in either long pants or shorts, with a splash of color provided by the tie or bow tie is always a good choice.

The flower girls are traditionally dressed in beautiful long dresses similar in style to the bride’s dress. This is actually meant to signify the bride’s childhood innocence.

Ideally all your flower girl’s dresses should coordinate using the same pattern or colors. A good idea to help match colors to the younger girls is to use a pastel or lighter shade of your wedding’s main color. Matching accessories can also work to provide a cohesive look between your flower girls and the rest of your wedding party. Of course all of this depends on how formal or casual you want your wedding look. For a very informal wedding this may be less of a concern.

And let’s not forget about shoes. Most children are not very accustomed to wearing dress shoes, so look to find a type that is nice and elegant but at the same time will be comfortable for the child to wear for the duration of the wedding ceremony.

Your flower girl will also be delighted to carry the special flower basket, flower bouquet or handmade cone basket, that can be used to throw rice, birdseed or confetti as the bride and groom leave the ceremony. Another role for them can be handing out the bubble bottles or rice bags to the guests at the end of the ceremony but this will depend on the age of the children.

At all times you must remember that they are children and that unforeseen accidents and mischief will be the order of the day, so be very patient and always have a plan B.

After the ceremony be sure to honor your little helpers with special gifts and sweets like cookies, gummies, and chocolates, for their hard work. A special seating area just for them during the reception will also be fun for them and appreciated by the adults.

While they do their job carrying the beautiful flower basket and scattering petals along the bridal path or solemnly guarding the ring; your flower girl and ring bearer are sure to bring a smile to all your guest’s faces!

Planning a wedding with all minimmun details, include also beautiful accessories and wedding favors are very important. Visit

Planning a wedding with all minimmun details, include also beautiful accessories and wedding favors are very important. Visit

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