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Sea Cloud, A luxury Home On The Waves Of The Sea

When aboard the Sea Cloud travelling miles away from homeland you may perhaps be forgiven for forgetting that you aren’t within one of the most exquisite hotels.

The Sea Cloud is a marvellous ship with a main difference, it was appointed by its initial owner, Lady Marjorie Post, to truly be a residence away from home on the sea. Rarely in the world of cruises can one truly superb experience the sensation of absolute comfort and superb as is felt on the Sea Cloud. The owner?s cabin, an notable 38 square meters, is decked out in Louis XIV style with writing table, fireside and walk in closet and is serviced by a nine square meter bathroom fitted in marble and containing a huge bath as well as all the typical home comforts. This room looks nothing like a room on a boat, even the most impressive luxury stateroom on a larger liner has the sensation that it is designed for the sea. The only point which gives this rooms place away once the door is closed is the soft roll of the sea and the portholes as a substitute of windows. All cabins onboard are created fantastically with lighting of the very best and timber panels of the the best.

Marjorie Post, consort of Wall Street legend E.F. Hutton, and herself a booming business woman, spent two years making certain that the Sea Cloud was integral out accurately to her specifications. After her marriage broke up, Lady Post refused to let go of her beloved vessel, and commanded that her spouse sign over complete possession , he did and Lady Post commenced to spend more and more time on the Sea touring Europe and the Soviet Union, hosting the Crowned Heads of Europe onboard. The solitary thing that could part her from her Sea Cloud, it turned out, was patriotism. Following the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbour the US Navy was in severe disarray and Lady Post in an act of unselfishness which shocked all who knew how much she loved Sea Cloud, signed the commission of the vessel over to the US Navy to lend a hand with the war effort.

Lady Post would regain Sea Cloud when the war over, but owing to rationing of materials the refitting took five years, but permitted the rigging to be thoroughly tailored. Then again, with the alterations the warfare had created on the cost of living and with the mounting expenses of labour the yacht was too much for the ageing Lady Post and she eventually sold it in 1950.

Even during all the years the ambiance assocaited with the vessel has remained. And fortunately for us it has been operated as one of the very best prominent cruise ships from the time that.

The company has commissioned and managed new yachts with the equivalent level of prestigious and the attitude instilled in Sea Cloud as an abode away from home and these boats make up the most equisite craft on the ocean.

Allison is an Expert Author on the very best in luxury and the VERYBEST.COM Awards

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