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Disney World Park Tickets – Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Disney Tickets

If you’re going to Disney World, chances are you have some questions about getting Disney World park tickets. Ticket options have become so varied these days, it can be frustrating to know what to get.

This article will give you tips on buying Disney World tickets, saving money and getting the most value out of them.

Disney World Park Ticket Tips:

Disney World Park tickets are currently called ‘Magic Your Way’ Tickets. With these tickets you can visit all four Disney World Theme parks including the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. You can buy 1 day tickets and up to 10 day tickets.

There are several ticket options:

– Base tickets where you can only visit one park per day

– Park hopper tickets where you can visit as many parks (all four) as many times per day as you want

– Water park fun and more tickets where you can visit 1 theme park and 1 water park per day or Disney Quest Indoor Theme park

– Water park + park hopper where you can now visit as many theme parks as you want in one day

– and finally, the No Expiration option which you can add to any of the 4 options above to make sure you tickets never expire.

Obviously the more options you have, the more expensive your tickets. Here are some ways to save money and frustration on tickets:

1) First of all NEVER buy your tickets second hand from a classified ad or auction site. You have no way to verify if they are authentic. And Disney will not reimburse you if they turn out to be fake.

You can buy tickets direct from Disney World, as an add-on to a Disney package or from a Disney discount authorized ticket reseller. These are all ‘safe’ ways to buy authentic tickets.

2) Unless you have no other choice, don’t buy your tickets at the park the day you go. This is your most expensive option.

3) You can buy your tickets in a package deal (i.e. with airfare and Disney resort accommodations) however it’s hard to actually find out how much you’re paying for the tickets. So you can’t compare prices against, say, buying them at a discount seller or direct from Disney.

4) One of the cheapest ways to buy your tickets is from an officially authorized Disney ticket seller. These sellers buy in bulk so they can pass discounts on to you. They can also usually offer group discounts.

5) Regardless of where you buy from, the more days you buy, the cheaper per-day ticket price you get.

6) Disney World ticket prices tend to stay the same throughout the year – however they also tend to rise with every new year.

7) Because of #5 and #6 above – if you think you may be going back to Disney World in the next few years, it may be cheaper to buy more days than you need and pay for the optional ‘No Expiration’ option on your ticket.

7) If you’re going to Disney World with young children you may be able to save some money and skip the Park Hopper option. Especially in the summer, young children may only be up to doing one theme park per day.

8) If you’ve got an older ticket and are not sure if you’ve got any days left on the ticket, take it along with you to a resort or one of the parks. They will then scan them and tell you how many days you have left on the tickets.

So those are several tips to help you get the most out of your Disney World park tickets. Hopefully they’ll help you save money, time and frustration – and have a magical vacation!

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