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Channeling a Suicide

I was contacted by a friend, Julia, who was emotionally shook up from the suicide of a young friend of her daughters’ named Marcus. Marcus was 25 years old and his girlfriend had just broken up with him. Despondent over…

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Cremation Urns Become More Popular Recently

After cremations are complete, the cremator will turn off the burners, carefully gather all the cremains and then place them into cremation urns. They are any receptacles that are specifically designed to permanently encase cremated remains. These days, the cremation…

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Using Modern Technology With Funeral Services

It's human nature to wish for the memorialization of someone who has passed away in recent times. We would like people to remember who they were by permitting associates and relatives to come together and share feelings, insights and memories.…

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7 Steps to Looking Into Funeral Homes

The grief associated with losing a loved one can be compounded if one is also called upon to look for funeral homes. Thankfully this task is not an everyday occurrence for most people, but it is an important part of…

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Stones To Choose For Memorial Monuments

Memorials Monuments Designing a memorial monument for a special someone who passed away can involve countless design and symbols. Naturally, you would want the deceased to be remembered forever even in a simple way like a long lasting symbol in…

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The Necessity For Funeral Planning

No one wants to think about what will happen when they die or how to plan for that event. It seems that in this day and age of soaring costs in most service related industries, it would be prudent for…

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