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The Top Academy of Golf

How are the top golf schools in America determined?

Are you planning on becoming the next greatest golfer in the league? Or are you planning to venture into a very successful career in the business world of golf? Congratulations! You have decided to turn your hobby and passion into a fruitful reality. The first thing you’ll need to do is attend a golf academy or golf school to learn the basics. Attending will teach you, not only the basics, but also you how to focus on your game and goal and develop discipline along the way. An academy of golf can offer instruction and help the student develop the skills he needs to succeed in the game and in business.

But which academy of golf should you attend? Which is the best one for you? has listed the top 25 golf schools in the US. A Golf School Evaluation Plan was formed to study the qualifications of each golf school in the country and how it fared against other schools. They compared each school using several criteria to determine which ones are the best. These schools were determined and ranked using six criteria: breadth of programs, student-to-teacher ratio, technology, instruction hours, facilities/accommodations and level of experience.

All these top 25 schools have one thing in common: they all offer programs that help improve a student’s game. Since the primary goal of attending an academy of golf is improve his own game and reach the professional level, it only makes sense that these schools are ready to help you deliver your A-game all the time.

All these schools also offer a good student-to-teacher ratio. The judging panel agreed, the smaller the ratio, the better because this gives the teacher a chance to be able to focus and study the level and skills of the student. This, in turn, puts him in a better position to assess and implement the necessary steps to improve the student’s game. For short courses, a lot of these schools offer a 3:1 student-teacher ratio while longer courses or program have a higher number of students per teacher.

Additionally, these schools offer the latest in technology. They all offer a computer and video analysis of your game. The student is captured through video that he can watch in detail with the instructor. This helps the student to determine what he is doing right and what skills he still needs to improve. The video will allow you to put into slow motion your swing, the angle, the force at which you hit the ball, all allowing you and your instructor to critique your performance.

Hours of instruction were also part of the criteria for judging the top 25 schools in the US. These are schools that prioritize playing time and incorporated them into the lesson plan. An academy of golf that doesn’t include time on the golf course as part of the lesson does not greatly benefit the student. Hearing and reading techniques is not the same as actually going on the greens and practicing it himself. Practice makes perfect after all.

Facilities and accommodations were also taken into consideration. Some of these schools don’t offer state-of-the-art facilities while some offer the best facilities there is to accurately assess the student’s abilities and skills in golf. One thing the judges agree on is that all these institutions provide practice facilities that are essential for any golfer who seriously wants to improve their game.

These schools are also taught by dedicated and experienced instructors and staff that include the Top 100 Golf Teachers as judged by These Top 100 Teachers are all members of the Professional Golfer’s Association (PGA) of America and are determined to make you reach your full potential in the game of golf.

It will be tough to decide the best academy of golf for you since all of them offer unique features that can and will help you develop the skills to compete at the professional level. But no matter which school you decide to go to, it will eventually depend on your level of commitment.

Andy West is a writer for Golf Academy of America, an insightful academy of golf specializing in dedicated training for the improvement of golf proficiency during a 16 month program. For more information please visit

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