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Golf Bags – What’s Your Style?

Your golf fashion speaks volumes about your style and personality. Find out what your golf bags say about you

Make a Statement with Golf Bags

Female golfers might be catching up with the guys in terms of talent but they certainly don’t have to dress like them. Long gone are the days of unoriginal golf clothing and boring equipment in black, white or grey. Golfing manufacturers have really gone to town on the style of its female-specific products, from pastel-coloured golf balls to bright pink golf bags. Now there is so much choice and variety that you can pick golf bags, head covers, clothing and other accessories to match your personal style. Why blend into the background when you can stand out with style?

One of the best ways to make a statement on the golf course is with your golf bags. They are the one item that will be on show throughout the entire game, and will be seen close-up and from a distance. Your golf bag can mark you out from the crowd, and reflect your personal style. Follow our fun guide to what your choice of golf bags says about you.

What Does your Golf Bag Say About You?

Sporty Spice

Your golf bag is black with a sporty stripe design. Expensive, serious and hard-wearing, this bag says a lot about how seriously you take your game. No messing about on the green for you. You’re ambitious, competitive and want to show the men that women aren’t second-rate players. You’re in it to win it, get fit for your golf games in the gym, and like your golf bag are super-sporty.

Designer Diva

Your golf bag is made of sumptuous treated Italian leather, and was only available on special order from an exclusive designer. You love the very finest things in life, and your golfing habits are no different. Jetting out to the most luxurious courses, you play to be seen by the in-crowd, and place a lot of importance on how you look as well as how you swing. Golfing is all about fashion for you, daahling.

Pink Lady

You and your golf bag are unmissable on the green. In all its bright pink glory, your bag makes a statement that you’re a girly girl and you don’t care who knows it. In fact, you will probably have matching pink head covers, umbrella and golf balls. Golf is a fun game for you, and you use it as an opportunity to catch up with your girlfriends as you stroll round the course, having some giggles on the way.

Plain Jane

Your golf bag is functional, practical and plain. But you don’t go in for flashy clothes and accessories. You’re there to play golf, and will get your head down on the course, focusing on improving your game without distractions. You prefer to blend into the background and not draw attention to yourself, reflecting your quiet personality.

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