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A Golf School for the Best of the Best

Have you ever dreamt of becoming the next Tiger Woods or the next Karrie Webb? Have you gone to the golf range determined to be the best but never quite know how to become the best? Do not fret because help is now available for everyone and anyone who wants to turn their passion for golf into a successful career. A large number of golf academies and golf schools have emerged since the 1970s to help the golfer who works hard to change from an amateur to a professional, but finding the right golf school for you is the greater task at hand. has listed the top 25 schools in the US, according to a pre-determined criterion for judging. Scattered all over the US, these schools teach the best of the best from the best in the field. Some of these schools offer workshops, learning group programs, golf outings, private lessons and intensive courses.

What happens in each of these programs?

One-day programs are recommended for players in all levels, but especially with players in the beginning until intermediate level, because it teaches students the basics of playing golf. These programs are conducted by separating players into small groups with other players from their own playing level. This way, everybody’s on level footing and nobody gets left behind. Depending on the arranged lessons, these programs can run from one day to two days to three days.

There are one-on-one programs or private instruction lessons, designed to improve the student’s current level of performance. Depending on the school, these lessons are, most of the time, taught by a professional golfer. What to teach about golf and how to teach it to the student will be determined by his abilities and playing level. These programs are designed to help the golfer achieve that perfect swing and lower their score.

Big or small companies can also book golf outings at golf schools for their employees. Depending on the number of employees and their level of abilities and commitment in golf, golf schools and golf academy can design a program to fit their needs. These programs can provide clinics and small learning groups for the employees. Most golf academy even offers lodging so that employees be able to enjoy playing golf uninterrupted.

There are also golf schools that offer more intensive courses for golfers who want to turn their passion into a successful career. These are longer programs that cater to people who want to play golf for a living and want to work in the golf business. These are the people who want to specialize in golf operations and golf management. This mostly concentrates on the business side of golf and not just the professional game of golf.

Which one is best for you?

The best thing about a lot of these programs is that golf schools and golf academy do not put too many students in a program. This enables the instructor or teacher to concentrate on the issues of his every student and the student can concentrate on his playing game without having to compete for the attention of his instructor. Having low teacher to student ratios is important during your overall study of golf.

Have you chosen a golf school yet?

Another good thing about these schools is that a potential student does not have to worry about moving to the other side of the country to be able to attend a program at a specific golf school. Most golf academy has different locations all over the country, both on the East, West and all states in between.

No matter what golf school you decide on, you’ll be sure to learn a lot from the professional golfers these schools have employed as instructors. To be the best, you have to learn from the professional golfers these schools have employed as instructors. To be the best, you have to learn from the best.

Andy West is a writer for Golf Academy of America, an insightful golf school specializing in dedicated training for the improvement of golf proficiency during a 16 month program. For more information please visit

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