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Ergonomic Material Handling Equipment & Supplies

Ergonomic material handling equipment is vital to your operation if you intend to maintain a truly optimal and safe work environment. Ergonomic equipment not only prevents injury and possible liabilities, but it also creates a more positive work environment and contributes to better morale.

Some companies have recently added an entirely new line of ergonomic material handling equipment tools to our online inventory. We have a wide range of tools available in both used and new condition, and we drop ship direct to client location anywhere in the United States.

Furniture & Crate Movers

Furniture and crate movers are designed to help you transport furniture, crates, and machinery easily. Simply slide the nose plate under the item to be moved, strap both dollies together, and lift. Units are available with either a manual mechanical hand crank lift option or a manual hand pump hydraulic lift option.

Steel Stair Hand Truck Dollies

These ergonomic equipment transports feature a unique design with tandem triple-wheel assemblies that make it easy to move up and down the stairs. The wheel assembly smoothly rotates as you go up or down each step, eliminating the thud and bump associated with conventional two wheel hand trucks on stairs. Rear wheel assembly also allows hand truck to roll up to 300 pounds. easily on 4 wheels while on flat surfaces.

Companies can supply both new and used hand truck dollies with single loop handles and four handles.

Ergonomic Material Handling Hand Trucks, Dollies & Carts

These ergonomic equipment dollies & material handling carts are ideal for moving large, bulky, heavy appliances and awkward loads. A strap and tension bar holds the product in place while transporting up or down stairways, hills or uneven surfaces.

Companies may supply steel ratchet models and turn handle models with aluminum lightweight carts specifically designed for moving items quickly and safely up and down stairs.

High Back Aluminum Hand Truck with Push Out

This ergonomic equipment transport is engineered to transport tall heavy loads weighing up to 300 pounds. from workstation to workstation. When the load has reached its final destination, the user simply pushes down on the back plate with their foot and the plate on the front of the unit will slide the load off. This feature greatly reduces stress on the user’s back and is one of the safest and most ergonomic tools for the material handling and transport of cumbersome and/or oversized loads.

Aluminum Ergonomic Equipment Dollies and Hand TrucksThis unit’s special lightweight aluminum build combines heavy-duty design with easy maneuverability. It features knuckle guard handles, a fold up nose plate, and a curved back plate for transporting cylindrical objects. This ergonomic material handling unit is especially useful for transporting cylinders up and down stairways or up steep inclines like hills or loading ramps.

Four Wheel Multi-Position Steel Hand Truck

This ergonomic hand truck is great for material handling and equipment transport over uneven surfaces and outdoor areas. Its small 4″ x 1

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