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Five Tips For Improving Personal Happiness in Your Life

Happiness does not always come easily for every one, it is something that requires conscious effort to attain, and you have to actively seek out happiness it does not just drop into your lap. But it is definitely worth pursuing because achieving happiness is in fact the ultimate achievement in these times when life can be so hectic, stressful and every day we are seeing more and more things to be unhappy about.

The good news is that if you are willing to put in a little effort you can have all the happiness in life that you deserve and you will soon understand that it was worth the effort and that you made the right decision when you realise how differently you feel. Happiness is a personal choice and you can make it work for you so that you are able to live a joyous balanced and abundant life.

After all what is life without happiness? I would say that it is meaningless and far more painful than it needs to be. So how do you go about bringing lasting happiness into your life? First you need to set goals so that you fully understand what it is that you really want and then you have to figure out a way to get there. You need to make your life so special so that you are filled with the joy of living each and every day. Setting goals can also give you the motivation to move forward and commit to making positive changes in your life.

Another thing to remember is that the best place to live is in the present. Do your best to forget the past and do not waste time worrying about the future. If you live your life in the present you will never miss a moment of pleasure. So often you hear people say, “oh I wish I had of paid more attention to…” when ever someone says those words understand that that person is not living in the present, they are either in the past or the future that is why they missed what ever event it was and most often they are lamenting because it is something that they will never be able to get back, it is gone forever because of their lack of focus on the moment.

Of course there are times when you must think of your future to make sure that you are making the right choices and also make plans to bring some fun to your life, so visiting the future from time to time is healthy and necessary but you do not need to live there.

Being able to keep the negative things, people and influences out of your life is also important. It will not be easy to do because we are constantly being bombarded with negative information from the media and the Internet, but you can limit your time with these negative forces, limit the time you spend watching news channels, do not buy the newspaper every day or tune your radio to an easy listening station. I know that you believe you will be out of touch if you do not buy a paper everyday but I beg to differ.

The amount of media that surrounds us each day it is almost impossible not to know what is going on, so if you make a conscious decision to turn off the TV at news time once in a while you will still be able to remain currant without risking saturation. If you are actively seeking happiness it is imperative to keep the negative things out of your life.

A healthy lifestyle is also helpful if you are to stay happy and healthy. Try eat the right way and to think about the choices that you make for your body. Keep the negative things out of your body so that you are able to be emotionally and physically happy as well.

Finally try to maintain good feelings within; keeping these good feelings in your mind enables you to give to others. Feel the emotions of being happy be pleasant to others and smile; you will be surprised just how much a few extra smiles a day can change how you’re feeling. Helping other people to feel good about themselves is also a great booster, try to bring joy to others and keep thinking good thoughts. Do not let negative forces pull you down and definitely do not intentionally bring others down.

The more pleasant you are the happier you will feel, you will begin to see more and more things to be happy about and your joy will soon begin affecting those around you also and before you realise it you will have created a happy harmonious and balanced life.

Carol King is a Law of Attraction expert and life coach, she is also the founder of Missing Ingredient Coaching. If you are struggling to apply the Law of Attraction to your life, let Coach Carol direct you to a life of lasting happiness, peace and prosperity that you deserve. Visit Coach Carol

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