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For Moms: How to Help Update Your Daughter’s Wardrobe For Spring 2009

After a very cold, icy, snowy winter what girls’ heart (both young and old alike) doesn’t turn to thoughts of spring fashion and cheerful, bright colors? Even little girls, teens and tweens are only too happy to finally pack away all the black, brown and gray and liven up their fashion palette for spring. After all, it’s the first sign of spring long before the first flowers and blades of grass push their way past the snow.

It’s time to start thinking down the road a few weeks from now when you and your daughter will begin packing away her dark, heavy fabrics and textures and consider what she’ll wear when the last of this winters’ snow has melted away for good. In these lean economic times, it’s all about replacing the basics as she grows out of them and choosing a few fun, colorful accessories to make it all feel updated, new and fresh for spring.

One item of clothing that’s a staple for girls of all ages no matter what time of year is jeans. The great thing about jeans is they’re virtually unlimited when it comes to fashion versatility. Right now your daughter or granddaughter may be tucking her jeans inside warmly lined boots to keep her cozy and warm. Once the weather gets warmer she’ll want to wear them with sandals or flip-flops. As our economy sputters back to life, jeans will continue to be a core fashion item for girls in 2009 and beyond. For warmer weather she might choose jeans cut shorter to Capri or shorts length. Or, she may enjoy wearing a casual denim skirt with a variety of blouses, T-shirts and other colorful tops.

A fashion look that’s gone beyond a being fad and now is considered an established trend is the unexpected pop of color. It started with women who might’ve paired a red or bright yellow purse with a black and white outfit. Now girls, tweens and teens have picked up on the trend and are popping their jeans and tops with bright accessories that are youthful, fresh and age appropriate. She may have years to go until she gets her driver’s license but she still wants everyone to know she’s up-to-date and knows what’s going on.

The hottest way for girls to pop a pair of jeans this spring is with a belt. The special girl in your life can take it even further with an XpressIt belt she can customize with Twistonz. Twistonz are little discs, about the size of a penny, that fasten perfectly through the grommet holes that go all the way around the belt. Girls love personalizing their XpressIt belt with her name, her interests, her point of view and with what she loves most.

Your daughter, granddaughter or niece can make a fashion statement without saying a word which is always in fashion. She can rock her favorite color and convey her individuality at the same time. In fact the belts are so popular they were chosen to be featured in holiday gift bags distributed to celebrity moms like Brooke Shields, Debra Messing, Heidi Klum and others.

The belts are available in an array of bright, fun colors perfect for popping with denim jeans, capris, shorts and skirts. Mimosa Yellow (2009’s hottest color), Classic Red, Aqua Blue, Limey Green, Bubblegum Pink and Perfect White. They all look great, the only decision she needs to make are which color belt(s) are her favorite and which Twistonz express her personality best. The website makes it easy to choose by providing fun ideas on how she can put Twistonz together with belts that match her personality and mood.

Just visit and select your favorite for a girl you love. Or, let her choose for herself. She’ll be ready for warm breezes, spring fashion and fun just by changing the belt on her jeans.

XpressIt belts and patent pending Twistonz can be found exclusively at or email us for more information at Get yours today! (This article can be used in it

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