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European Tribes… And How to Make Them

The year’s 2166, it’s been 300 years since Mendel spent too much time observing peas and came out with the concept of Mendelian inheritance which sparked the beginning of Modern genetics. In non-scientific news, the Simpsons showrunners have announced that…

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Why a Well Designed Website Adds Value

When you choose to take your brand online, one of the first steps is effective web development. A well-designed website adds to your business’ success, increases its professional outlook, as well as builds its credibility on the digital space. While…

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Maritime Security Vessel Protection

Maritime Security Vessel Protection, what is it? Vessels and ships are very often at risk from criminal activity in many parts of the world by way of piracy or armed robbery. This has been prevalent with the increase of pirate…

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Is Baby Powder Even Safe For Babies?

Now that a $70 million lawsuit has been settled holding Johnson & Johnson's Baby Powder responsible for causing a woman's ovarian cancer, mothers around the world are asking if baby powder is safe for use on their babies or if…

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Grand Canyon Airplane Rides and Tours

The Grand Canyon is truly one of the great wonders of the world. As a haven for thousands of tourists and guests each year, the Canyon is synonymous with unsurpassed beauty and nature at its finest. If you really want…

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