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Stop Excess Facial Sweating

Though human body is designed to sweat continuously, and is essentially required too, but sweating on face is very embarrassing, not only for the one who sweats, but also for the onlookers. It’s not difficult to understand the state of mind and after effects of this problem for the bearer, who is all too often looking for some way of getting rid of this malady. It’s not a pleasant sight to have face with water drops dripping down the scalp to the face to make your collar wet even when it’s cold outside. The worst part is that antiperspirant for other parts of body are available and effective too to a good extent, but unfortunately they are yet to formulate a safe and effective antiperspirant for the face.

An often suggested remedial measure to curb excessive sweating of face is to discontinue using facial creams for good. It’s quite a practice to apply these creams especially in winters. What people don’t realize is that such creams, particularly the heavier variety, can cause blockage of pores on skin and that leads to still heavier sweating. If at all it’s a must, use the lighter variety of creams. That helps to have some control over the situation.

Another possibility that needs to be explored is if somebody else in the family has had similar problem, as heavy sweating of face is known to be hereditary by nature. If that be so, it will be a good option to enquire from other members of the family how they tackled the problem.

It’s not unusual to come across sufferers of this malady who despairingly accept excessive facial sweating as part of life. They simply keep wiping off sweat frequently, using a handkerchief or tissue and manage to keep their face dry, though for short intervals.

That calls for the need to look for alternative methods of tackling the dilemma of excessive sweating of face. Though frequent wiping of face by a tissue or handkerchief is helpful to limited extent, the overall situation may further be improved by applying thin layer of talcum powder to absorb moisture. Though it doesn’t help for long, yet offers some additional relief and proves better and safer that antiperspirants. However, talcum powder should be applied carefully, lest it should enter the eyes, mouth or nose. This method of keeping the face dry and devoid of sweat, though for limited duration, is really worth trying for any sufferer.

As has already been pointed out, application of creams or moisturizer for applying foundation on the face is harmful for those with excessive sweating of face. Instead, they should prefer to use compact foundations in the form of loose talc. Though such foundation can’t remain intact for a very long time, it surely helps to reduce the volume of sweating, compared to foundations that contain creams or lotions.

Let it be understood that continued sweat on the face is not all that catastrophic as is often made out to be the non-sufferers, making it all the more embarrassing for the bearer of this malady. The sufferer need not feel withdrawn and take whatever small preventive measure are found helpful for delivering positive results, have a positive attitude and keep going.

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