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The Salesman’s Essential Article Marketing FAQ

Regardless of what type of business you are in, and whether you run it online or not, you will need to sell your product one way or another. The problem is that most people online are not interested in being sold to, they’re simply looking for information. 

This article will teach you how to make more sales by educating your readers with the essential facts about your business without selling to them, they will be able to make their own decision & will not feel pressured into the sale. You will learn how to make article marketing an essential part of your business and increase your overall sales. 

Question #1: Why is article marketing better than selling, especially online?

As I mentioned before, most people aren’t looking to be sold to. They’re looking for information on that particular product or service you’re offering. By providing information, you are not only adding value to your products, but you are also offering value to your readers. This will allow you to get your product more exposure & build credibility with your readers, as well as show them whether or not you will be able to solve their problems.

The traffic that you get to your website will also be more targeted. If you provide just enough quality information in your articles to get your readers’ attention, they will most likely click through to your website. Save your sales pitch until the resource box. Then, show your readers how you can help them.

Question #2: How can article marketing help me with the search engines? 

First, if you submit your business to enough article directories and use the article directories to build backlinks, then you will increase your rankings in the major search engines, which will get you more traffic & hopefully more sales! This will also increase your page rank, which will help your search engine rankings. And you will be getting more exposure, which as you know is the best way to increase sales & profit.

Search engines are targeted, and free, traffic. When visitors search for what you have to offer, your articles will help them find you even if your site doesn’t rank well because many article directories rank high in the search engines. The more high traffic high ranking article directories you use, the more credibility you build. It’s like a vote for your site. 

The bottom line is that the search engine traffic is targeted and free. Article marketing will help you improve your rankings in the search engines. 

Question #3: What is a pre sell and why would I want to use it? 

A pre sell is a writing technique that is frequently used to promote affiliate programs. The affiliate offers additional information about the product to convince readers to click through the link and buy the product or service you’re selling.

Articles are a great way to pre sell your own products because it allows you to provide additional information for readers. This, in turn, also builds credibility for you, as well as value for your products and services. 

Question #4: Since I’m not selling directly, how do I get readers to visit my site? 

With your article, you only have to provide good quality information. Offer information that tells readers more about your business and products. Show the reader how you will solve their problems. 

The actual selling takes place in the resource box. The resource box comes at the end of the article. It allows you to tell readers about your business, how to get more information, and how you will solve their problems.

Give your readers a reason to want to click through and visit your site. Frequently, the best way to do this is to offer a free incentive of some sort.

Article marketing allows you to offer more information to your readers, pre qualify your traffic so it’s targeted, increase your rankings in the search engines, and get more sales. It’s a way to make the sale without selling.

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