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Mlm Training- What Are Your Mlm Prospects Feeling From Your Conversations?

In MLM Prospecting, many people today hold a lot of conversations and believe that they are keeping the attention of the prospect. They believe that the prospect is enthralled with their conversation.

That is wrong in many cases.

The prospect is not that interested in what YOU want to sell them or get them to do. They are more interested in what they are FEELING FROM YOU as a person and distributor. Emotions determine much of the Success in MLM, and you need to make sure that they are feeling the right intentions and focus from you in your prospecting.

A prospect is considering buying your product or maybe joining your company. This is a good thing. But the challenge is that they may be feeling something from you that is turning them off.

Like what?

1) A Selfish Focus.

This will turn most people off in mlm prospecting, because the secret to powerful network marketing prospecting is NOT what you get out of it, but what the prospect can get out of it that you bring to the table, with your focus being soley what benefits them.

Would you be willing to talk to a prospect if you knew that you probably would not want to join you, but you knew that you could help them in some small way?

If you answered that “yes,” then you are well on your way to powerful and passionate mlm prospecting.

2) Pressure of any Kind.

Pressure will trun people away quicker than anything. Why? It reaks of desperation. Desperate people are not only hard to follow, but hard to do business with as well.

“I am not sure this is for you, but let’s explore some options that may reveal if it is or not…” is a powerful way to take off the pressure and put on the professionalism so missing in this industry.

3) Big Promises.

“Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Come to the Big tent and see how you can get rich in 12 minutes! And see the 3 headed horse as well!”

That is what Network Marketers sound like many times, when they are prospecting.

They look and sound like clowns.

Here is a tip:

Do NOT make any promises, but only assurances that you will be there with them, and be there for them to help them in any way.

Promises that seem too good to be true generally are. You want to be known for your down to earth reality, not let’s hype them up fantasy.

Do NOT sound like a barker at a circus. Even in your focus or actions. It will not work in your prospecting efforts.

Let the clowns stay with the circus.

What is your prospect feeling from you?

Let’s make sure it is a MAGNETISM that pulls people TOWARDS you, not pushes them away from you in your MLM and Network Marketing Prospecting.

blessings…doug firebaugh

Doug Firebaugh is one of the top MLM Network Marketing Trainers in the world. Over a million people a month read his training ezine. He spent the last 7 years traveling the world speaking and training on Success. He lives in Birmingham Michigan, and you can receive a FREE subscription to his training ezine- The MLM Success HEAT- at:

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