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How is Your Marketing Strategy Going in 2015

Now that we are deep into 2015, what money has been made with your marketing strategy. Let’s face it. Every business needs to have some type of strategy to grow business if you want continued growth. Most strategies are budget based. Whether it be $500 or $50,000 a month, everyone has a figure in place.

So, what money has been made so far. Did you hire an SEO company that created a successful marketing plan for you? Success is something that should be measurable. The best measurement is always new paying customers. If my budget was $500 per month and my business received $7,500 of business from this investment with $4000 of profit, that is a good campaign. It is good enough to where I would have doubled or tripled that investment to see if more business can be had.

What about the business that spent $2,500 per month and received no new customers. What actions did your company take to improve your strategy. Most businesses switch marketing companies too quickly. I understand this if that company is not aggressively making adjustments to your campaign to create success. If they are, and seem honest and credible, give them 3-6 months to make an impact on your business growth and increased revenue.

The initial SEO strategy, for example, may have produced 1st page rankings on Google and Yahoo but no immediate conversions. Don’t throw away those rankings. An SEO adjustment may be to maintain rankings on existing keywords and add a few other keyword phrases that get decent traffic. Give them a little time to convert. When you view your traffic statistics, if they are steady, review the call to action on the website. It may be the issue. Try a few different strategies and see if they create some conversions.

My whole point in this message is to give your marketing campaign the right amount of time. This note is based on the fact that you hired a marketing company that is on your side and focused on your success.

Each month there should be an update that shows how your campaign is doing. If the update is not positive, there should be information that gives you some comfort going into month number two. Most campaigns show limited success in the first month anyway. The right SEO company will still be fine tuning and tweaking as if it has been 12 months. However, most campaigns take 3 to 6 months to start to show positive revenue for the business.

The times that success comes early is normally because of very high expenditures. For example, a pay per click campaign where the average keyword cost is $40 per click can be managed to a lower cost in a short period of time. But if you throw a lot of funds at it, you get 10 clicks per day for $400. If two of those clicks convert each day to $2000 of profit, that is worthwhile.

If that same campaign produced clicks at $8 per click with the same result, now you are getting 50 clicks per day for $400. Now, you are converting 8 per day instead of 2. These cases are both hypothetical but sometimes a little patience pays off.

Believe that success is based on faith, family, and friends seo company targeted traffic in sacramento website design sacramento

Believe that success is based on faith, family, and friends seo company targeted traffic in sacramento website design sacramento

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