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Getting Started by Focusing on the 10 Steps

Getting Started by focusing on the 10 steps

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I go by J.Song. I am a Korean-American Air Force Veteran studying for a degree in Fashion Retail Management, with a talent in Fashion Design, Drawing, Sales/Marketing, Product Development, Merchandise Management, Photoshop/Illustrator, and more.

I have many opportunities to work for great companies that fit my criteria’s, however that is not what I wanted. A life dependent on a job, that I am not guaranteed to keep if I don’t produce on the level in regards to profits, which is not the way I want to live the rest of my life. Even if I get a better job, and keep upgrading my status and position within the company, or move on somewhere else and do the same and so on, I am practically living a salary dependent lifestyle, LIKE A ROBOT, living on paycheck to paycheck, while the ones who hired me, are basically getting most of the profits. Not the measly human resource managers responsible for recruiting, but the CEO’s, Executives, and Directors.

I have always dreamed big, and never have I ever considered myself as a person to work for someone else for the rest of my life like a robot, living aimlessly pursuing meaningless things. I wanted something more in life, which requires my skills, talents, time, and energy that I am passionate about, truly believe in, and keeps me anticipating for the next day, which makes me want to wake up every day to pursue it.

After countless scam encounters, and attempted failures to start an online job or career, I came across someones website promoting Wealthy Affiliate. The “no start-up investment” got my attention, and I just took a chance and tried it out.

You know the rest, which is me trying it out, loving the community and training, and before my 7 days are up for premium chat support, I went premium with the $19 first month promotion to try it out more, and then I go all out and purchase the yearly membership which was $359, basically saving on my monthly costs by half from $49 a month premium membership and saving $205 on the yearly, which could have been amounted to $564, because that is how much I believe in it and in myself to pursue my passions.

I will stop here, and share what the 10 steps are and here is the,

10 Steps to success in Wealthy Affiliate

(Note: These are only outlines. In my next article, we will dig deeper in each one in more detail)

1. Join a great community by signing up to the #1 Affiliate Marketing University Online which is Wealthy Affiliate. To learn more visit my website below.

2. Create your profile which is a critical step to let the community know you are serious! A detailed profile will attract more people to your growing network.

3. Get Educated by going through the training that is always up to date and easy to follow, as long as you don’t skip a step!

4. Find Your Niche by creating a list of your passions, interests, and hobbies. Afterward, choose the one that will be the most marketable to start off with.

5. Build Your Niche Website. Don’t worry! You get 2 free websites which include free hosting from Wealthy Affiliates own SiteRubrix WordPress Platform! (Click to preview)

6. Create Your Niche Content that is full of QUALITY information to bring in traffic to your website, which can include visuals, info-graphics (such as the one posted in this website), videos, and more.

7. Join an Affiliate Program that relates to your niche category so that you can utilize that has vast niche products to choose from, or any other Affiliate Programs out there.

8. Earn Revenue from your affiliate promotions! We are all here for the revenue, and this could be your gateway to your independence away from the average work hour jobs we both hate waking for!

9. Repeat the Process from step 3 while updating your website with more content by being consistent, motivated, diligent, strong-minded, passionate, goal oriented, positive, innovative, creative, and so on…

10. Wake Up Happy knowing that your future is looking bright as you pursue your passions, interests, and hobbies while making a profit.

These 10 steps are directly from my Info-graphic which I have spent a couple of very long hours creating and you can have a better understanding while looking at the visuals and the functions of the links to keep you engaged on what to expect and not to expect.

For all those that are saying that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam, you’ve let go of an opportunity due to your misunderstanding of what it really is, which is, a place of opportunity to learn how to turn your passions into profits, a place of great knowledge, education, and training to absorb and grow, a place filled with great like-minded individuals making up a vast community who will help you from the very beginning if you ask for it, and the best part of it is, there is no start-up cost, a true “TRY BEFORE YOU BUY” system, where there is no up-sells other than to join the premium membership which you don’t have to if the program is not for you.

Main reason why people fail and become irritated by Wealthy Affiliate is, they lack patience, discipline, belief in one self, are lazy, are expecting success without putting the effort, and they are not sacrificing their precious time to really dig deep into the training going step by step. Yes, when you first join, you will be overwhelmed with information, but those that stick to the training, ask questions to seek help from the community, and take it one step at a time, are the ones that find success in Wealthy Affiliate.

I advise you to develop some patience and have the courage to fight through the first few weeks and month, and endure, only then will you persevere if you try out Wealthy Affiliate or ANYTHING you pursue in your life whether it is an online business or not.

Look for my upcoming article, as I will dig deeper in each of these 10 steps in more detail.

If you have any questions, concerns, or have feedback,

please feel free to leave a comment below

and I will respond back

as soon as I can!



John Song is an online entrepreneur studying for a degree in Fashion Retail Management, and pursuing an MBA in Internet Marketing. He has created an online training site on how to utilize Wealthy Affiliate, by sharing his failures, successes, tips, training, and tools that have helped him to be successful and create

John Song is an online entrepreneur studying for a degree in Fashion Retail Management, and pursuing an MBA in Internet Marketing. He has created an online training site on how to utilize Wealthy Affiliate, by sharing his failures, successes, tips, training, and tools that have helped him to be successful and create

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