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Creative Internet Marketing Ideas

Whether you’ve lost your job or lost your shirt through the stock market, the present economy has made for trying times. No one knows this better than business owners.

With so many people just trying to get by, expenses are cut. Magazine subscriptions aren’t renewed, DSL services are downgraded, spas and pedicures are thrown out the window, and time is spent looking for employment instead of things to buy. This causes businesses, whether corporate or home based, to all suffer.

Yet, this doesn’t mean it’s time to just throw in the towel. Instead, it means that businesses need to become more aggressive than ever in seeking customers. More aggressive, and more creative.

The following marketing ideas are a good start:

Add Video to Your Website: People are no longer interested in websites merely filled with text after text. People want interaction and entertainment. Adding things like video or podcasts to your site can drastically increase your traffic. Remember, if your website isn’t generating traffic, it’s not generating sales and you’re not generating income.

Electronic Newsletters: Whether you send it out weekly, biweekly, or even once a month, an electronic newsletter is a great way to maintain relationships with present customers and establish new ones. It’s also a great way to inform customers of any changes you are making or any deals offered.

Educational Materials: Internet Spam, like the food itself, deserves to be canned. Articles, features, and newsletters that merely talk about how great your company is or how essential the product offered don’t have mass appeal. Instead, try getting a little creative with your content. If you sell wine, for instance, try finding content that speaks of the health benefits of wine, instead of one that just talks about your vineyards.

Break the Language Barrier: Your failure to be bilingual is probably no big deal, a company’s failure to be bilingual, however, can lead to drastic financial loss. Even if you’re not bilingual, your business can be. Breaking the language barrier allows you to reach out to new customers, and increase your chance of touching the masses. It adds universality to your product or service.

Intelligent Phase Marketing: Intelligent Phase Marketing, a new concept introduced by ILM, Internet Leveraging & Marketing LLC, not only incorporates training and bilingual support, but it also includes the most important aspect of all; the ability to adapt. ILM is dedicated to monitoring all the latest trends and developing products or services to tap into the most lucrative markets. By offering members every top online income opportunity in one place for one low price, you are able to free yourself from joining a new program and re-branding yourself each time a new hot trend comes along. Instead, you simply market the current product or service and keep that advertising online forever, even as you shift your focus to a new niche. Through all of your marketing ventures you will bring people back to a central location, your ILM website. All of your campaigns are easily managed from one console in your ILM back office.

This type of marketing works on the concept of phases: Internet trends come and go in phases and you must market to the phases in order to succeed. You don’t want to be marketing in 2008 with an Internet phase that climaxed in 2006. You must stay up on the times if you want to stay, or get, to the top. No other program offers a business model that continuously adapts to emerging market trends. Although obvious, this system is completely revolutionary to home business and is the business model that all other programs will be scrambling to duplicate.

Michael Williams is a co-founder of ILM, Internet Leveraging and Marketing, LLC. To learn more about ILM and Intelligent Phase Marketing, please visit and take a tour.

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