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A Review of Armand Morin’s Optin Automator

It seems as though if you don’t have some sort of Opt-in list then you’ll be back to that nine to five job in no time. Okay, so we’re being a little fecious here, but if you want to grab potential prospects before they go to another page, then you’ll want to take a look at Armand Morin’s Optin Automator. Hopefully we’ll find something on his sales page that will help you become more successful online.

So What’s an Opt-In Automator?

Wow, this is the first product from Armand we haven’t had to give out our email first. While this is interesting, the sales page itself is much more intriguing. Armand Morin’s Optin Automator system has three key ingredients to help you build your subscriber’s list which is what an Opt-In Automator will do for you. The three things they talk about is Exclusive Email Technology, Patented Popover Technology, and Point & Click Additions.

Each one will allow a unique way to get your list built in no time according to their sales page. Most importantly they stress that you shouldn’t buy any other software that deals with Opt-In until you understand the difference between their innovation and those of others. We know one of the biggest reasons is this Popover technology because we already did a review on it and found it to be quite helpful.

The Laziness Factor

He had to chuckle when Armand Morin’s Optin Automator sales page was discussing it. The only reason we were laughing was because it’s true. When people come to your landing or squeeze page they want things to be easy. If they’re not then it won’t take long for them to leave your website and head somewhere else. He’s basically telling you the easier it is for them to give an email address the more subscribers you will have on the list.

Right after that they discuss what is called the Oops Factor. This is an interesting part of Armand Morin’s Optin Automator because if for whatever reason someone screws up, then the system fixes it. For example, if you type in .con instead of .com then the system changes it so you don’t lose out on that email address. This sounds especially great for those of you who don’t have activation links to validate email addresses. Remember, keep it simple stupid (K.I.S.S.).

Our Overall Analysis

Well, it’s risk free, and there are several features on their sales page that we haven’t even covered yet. We don’t want to draw this out any longer so when you get some time head over to the website and check out Armand Morin’s Optin Automator. If you like what you see and already know where this type of innovation is going to take, then by all means get involved. If not, no worries. We’ve got plenty of other reviews available for you.

However, we will tell you that Armand always comes out with great products and if you can afford the upfront cost then it’s a no brainer as to whether or not you should get involved. While this may be true, we do understand if you have reservations, which of course is why we want you to see it for yourself. Heck you might find something we missed and it could be your missing link.

Let Armand Morin Review Kings Brian Garvin and Jeff West teach you more about the Optin Automator. Feel free to use this article but please leave all links and author bio intact.

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