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7 Ways To Get Telemarketers To Hang Up On You!

Is it possible to turn the tables and frustrate a telemarketer so much that they hang up on you? After a 6:30 am telemarketer call this morning, I was forced to ask myself this questions. The telemarketer must have been on the east coast, and have no respect for my clearly-west coast area code. I awoke from my slumber only to be deeply annoyed. And the damage was already done once I was awake. So I did some brain storming…

I decided that hanging up on a telemarketer is very easy, BUT there are many creative ways you can do this. However, sometimes a much deeper and real sense of victory occurs when you frustrate a telemarketer so much that they hang up on you. Below are some effective methods to achieve this:

• Put the telemarketer on hold indefinitely – After the telemarketer greets you, let them talk for about 10 seconds and then tell them to hold because you have a call on the other line. Switch to the other line or put them on hold, but never come back.

• Be a know-it-all – After each time the telemarketer makes a statement keep repeating “I knew you were going to say that.”

• Static interference – As soon as the telemarketer starts talking, go close to your T.V., put it on a channel that only receives static, and turn it up loud. Tell the telemarketer you can’t hear them past the static interference so they are going to have to speak up. Keep repeating you can’t hear them until they hang up.

• Pretend you don’t understand – Pretend you can’t understand the telemarketer and keep repeating “Yes, but I don’t understand.. How does that work? Why would I be so lucky as to get this opportunity?” after they make a statement until they become frustrated enough and hang up.

• Sell the telemarketer something – Cut the telemarketer off during their sales pitch and tell them that you are not interested in their product or service, but you have something that may be of interest to them. Begin selling them a product or service and tell them it’s a deal they can’t pass up. Don’t take “no” for an answer, and don’t let them interrupt you.

• Offer the telemarketer a job – Let the telemarketer go through their sales speech and then tell them that although you are not interested in buying the service/product, you were very impressed with their voice, and tell them you’re a voice-over scout and ask them if they would be interested in a voice acting job.

• Use the same voice-over talent scout angle, but this time say that you work in the adult phone industry and they have the sexiest voice you have heard all month.

Successfully frustrating a telemarketer to the point that they hang up on you is a great way to stop telemarketers from controlling the conversation and will make them think twice before calling you again. So it is possible to turn the tables and frustrate a telemarketer so much that they hang up on you. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind…

Gloria is a telecommunications and consumer advocate guru with a distaste for telemarketers. You can check out her next big project- a site for finding the owner to phone numbers here.

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