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Bouncing Back!

On the platforms most schooling systems are built upon on today, learning is mandatory and compulsory. But after a while most learners start sneering, snarling and gnashing at it all. Because for far too many of them learning has turned out to be a demand to surrender their will to external direction, an enforced oppression. One of the joys of life are the things we can learn up on or bring alive a hitherto hidden talent and yes picking up a craft too. Learning has always been inborn , instinctive and essentially full of fun. But if learning is fun WHY have so many become dull and incurious? It must have to do with conditioning. At work or the daily grind.Conditioned to routine, sleighed into dullness or by falling into a habit of absorbing everything as it comes,in unquestioned acceptance.

Many have played themselves into their caskets or eaten and drunk themselves to their tombs but no one has ever died from learning. Though the body gradually wilts taking in tow our aged emotions but the mind in everyone continues to live, growing ever more lively and active, expanding and delighting itself with things, vistas, horizons and crafts new. The greatest danger confronting us today is not age or race or geography. It’s the drying up of our lives by abandoning learning and avoiding learning. It’s further ambushed and smothered to death by laziness, slothfulness, routine and stupidity.

No learner has ever run out of, run short of, of subjects to wade into, crafts to learn, skills to practice. So why the despair in the hallways of learning? Like all things of life such as careers and wealth building learning demands long deliberate effort of the mind and emotions. It’s not conferred upon us by nature or God or anyone else. It comes by one’s own efforts. In embracing it our days are extended, we are taken out on new wings to new worlds and unlike health or wealth building which wither with age learning rares for more of life and pushes on. So what ought we to do?

Here are two steps:

Return To The Library

Step right back again into the libraries. Look up at the shelves. Those are not lifeless books or bundles of worthless paper. Each one is a voice crying out though far distant in time and space. Minds alive but on shelves waiting to sit down and talk to whoever would want to.

Return To Rainmaking.

We are all providers, providing to the family coffer. In an era when employeeism reigned supreme most of us never bothered, nor realised that our jobs depend on not our cash nests alone nor our resources but rather on how your employer is facing the competition, on marketing. Here’s an idea to ponder. Considering that the wealth of a firm are it’s employees, imagine how valuable YOU would be if you tripled your firm’s revenue this year. Or how about tripling the traffic to their website? How about saving the company from the hangman of dropping sales? In today’s ever-changing marketplace, you need to be more than being just a worker. You could be the rudder that turns the ship around from being shipwrecked! LEARN the tools a company needs to keep it in the black. Take a good look at yourself and ask yourself: Shouldn’t I be a rainmaker instead of being a mere employee? Have I ever thought of being a difference? What have I done for the company? Now is the time to be the Obi Wan Kenobi for your company!

Cally Rao had been a former Manufacturing Manager ,is now a college instructor and a passionate believer in individual entrepreneurism.
She writes at and is a full time internet marketer.

Cally Rao had been a former Manufacturing Manager ,is now a college instructor and a passionate believer in individual entrepreneurism.
She writes at and is a full time internet marketer.

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