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Tips & Advise For Selecting The Best Vinyl Double Hung Window

Undoubtedly the vinyl double hung window is the most popular replacement window installed today. Vinyl double hung windows are available from local contractors and large big-box hardware stores. Since their is a large selection, deciding on which manufacture or model to choose can be confusing. So here is some information that will help make the process a little easier.

Let’s start off with buying vinyl double hung windows directly from the big box stores. If you are handy and have experience with replacement Windows, then buying them directly from the stores is not a bad idea. If you are not handy and are not familiar with installing replacement Windows, or basic building construction, you should leave it to the professionals. Finding the right type of window, measuring of the window, and installing your new Windows can be quite a challenge if you have never done it before. Special tools and equipment are needed, along with the knowledge of measuring the window properly. In addition selecting the right type can mean the difference of a good or bad investment. For individuals looking to order directly from the store, and find an installer, again not a good idea. Many contractors do not like to install windows ordered by other than themselves. Windows ordered incorrectly can cause severe job delays, additional scheduling costs as well as the aggravation of dealing with the situation.

Things To Look For In A Vinyl Double Hung Window

1) Welded Mainframe And Welded Window Sashes – Mechanically fastened window frames and sashes are old technology. Although many manufacturers still build and sell them, it is not a very wise investment. Mechanically fastened window frames and sashes use metal brackets and screws to hold the frames together. Over time these brackets and screws loosen, the window develops gaps which air can infiltrate. Most manufacture have eliminated this products due to high complaint & warrantee calls. Welded mainframes and welded window sashes alleviate this issue, they have a better appearance, provide for a stronger construction and keep the window and sashes squared during installation. The added cost for a welded frame and sash window is minimal and provides for a much better product and installation.

2) Aluminum Within The Horizontal Sash Frames – every vinyl double hung replacement window is constructed from hollow vinyl chambered extrusions. At 160

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