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Keeping Clean Your Vinyl Windows

Proper maintenance and cleaning of your vinyl windows, whatever brand it may be, is important for the look of your house or building. Not only that, but proper cleaning can result to a longer life span of your vinyl windows. With a proper routine cleaning and maintenance, you can ensure that your vinyl windows can look great and you can enjoy maximum performance of your windows. Just a little attention on these windows from time to time can make a huge difference and ensure that you enjoy it for a lifetime. Here are some simple tips on how to accomplish just that.

First is how to properly maintain the frame of your windows. Some people tend to think that window cleaning is all about the glass, this is not true. Keeping the frame in proper condition and keeping it clean is just as important as cleaning the glass for the look and performance of your vinyl window. Remember; wash the frames of your windows with nonabrasive soap with water. Do not use abrasive cleaners and no acidic cleaners of course because they may damage the frame’s finishing permanently. To make sure that the cleaners will not damage the whole frame, test it on a hidden area first. When it doesn’t show damage, clean the whole window with the nonabrasive soap and water, after cleaning wipe the frame dry.

Next, we move to maintaining and caring for the glass of your vinyl window. Most windows are include some type of coating for protection against the elements and other options you may have chosen to include when you bought your window, these are simply preventive measures but does not mean that maintenance is not needed in order to ensure the best quality performance out of your purchase. The best way to clean the glass is to wash it with some mild soap mixed in water, then rinse with clean and clear water. Next is to wipe the glass with a soft cloth. Never ever use any products that may scratch, break or damage in any way the glass. Some products to avoid are any cleaners with petroleum, high pressure water hose, razors, abrasive soaps and acidic cleaners and caustic chemicals. Use only mild soap and water, a soft cloth and soft brush to avoid any scratch. The same goes with the screens, use only mild soap and water, rinse in clean water then wipe with a soft cloth.

Also, in order to maintain your vinyl windows in excellent condition is to remember a these few tips. When you close your vinyl windows, make sure that the seals are evenly closed. Vacuum the tracks from time to time to remove debris that can interfere with the slide of your vinyl window. Also, lubricate the slide from time to time to keep it in proper condition. This should be done at least once a year. Properly maintaining your windows would give you a lifetime of satisfaction with your vinyl windows. With minimum work, you get the best out of your money.

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