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Building Garage Plans

When taking into consideration the type of garage you will want to be building on your property, you must do some research. Building garage plans from scratch can be an intricate process, depending on the size and style of the garage you have chosen to build. You will need to decide on a location, height, and any amenities you plan to include for your structure. for instance, if you plan to build a garage with an apartment you will be building garage plans which include things needed to keep living quarters up to code.

Before building garage plans, you will want to contact the local building control offices to find out what the building codes for your area are. In addition, they will have information on how many copies of your garage plans will be needed for their use and if outside contractors are required. Then you will need to contact electricians, plumbers and even architects to find out how many copies of the plan they will need, and if there is any special information that should be made available to them. Many contractors need copies of building plans not only for themselves, but for the subcontractors they use.

When building garage plans, you need to keep in mind that the average car requires a garage with a width of 12 feet and a depth of 24 feet minimally. The recommended size for 2 car garages is about 24X24 feet, and larger garages vary in the 40 to80 foot range, depending on style. You will want to research the styles and different plans available out there before building garage plans on your own.

However, should you chose to purchase garage plans, rather than building garage plans on your own, there are many styles available at a low cost, some even free, on the internet. You may want to search and see if you can find something like what you were planning on before building garage plans on your own.

After you have finished, wait until all paperwork has been drawn up and approved before building. You do not want to finish your structure only to find out it is not up to code and must be fixed, if not torn down all together. When doing any kind of construction, it is always better to err not only on the side of safety, but also on the side of over budgeting, that way you do not find yourself with an unfinished structure and empty pockets.

Whatever you decide on when building garage plans, you also want to keep in mind that a garage which is a poor match for your house, or ugly, will actually decrease your property values, making it harder to sell in the future. However, a handsome garage will do the opposite. For this reason, you will want to make sure you include products like paint, trimming, and decorations for the beautification of your structure in the materials list that you have created and estimate of your building costs.

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