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Alternatives to Security Bars on Your House Windows

In the home security game there are a variety of high-tech products available to keep your home safe from intruders, including cameras, motion sensors, electronic locks, automatic light timers and silent alarms, just to name a few. However, there are still some reliable low-tech solutions for home security. Guard dogs, window bars and deadbolt locks have been used for decades (if not centuries) as reliable methods for protecting property.

Window bars serve as a visible deterrent for potential burglars and can add a sense of security to homes in any neighborhood. But what are some of the pros and cons of window bars? Though these bars serve as a visible deterrent for break-ins, they can also be an eyesore, adding a prison-like look to your home. Burglar bars on many windows in a given neighborhood is often a sign that the area has relatively high property crime, and may even lower your home’s value. In fact, their appearance is the top reason why many homeowners shy away from burglar bars– not only do they look rather unattractive from the street, but they also prevent you from getting full enjoyment of the view out of your windows.

In addition, window bars may impede escape from the home in the event of fire or other disasters. The solution to the emergency escape problem is to install bars that can be released or removed from the inside – which means that a savvy burglar can also remove the bars, if he or she is familiar with certain systems. While burglar bars may deter some thieves, others may see the bars as an advertisement that there are valuable possessions that the family finds worth protecting – and that can mean a big payoff for a burglar who isn’t deterred by such measures. After all, you wouldn’t be taking the time to protect your property if you didn’t think you had anything worth stealing, right?

In low-visibility areas around your home, window bars can provide an added layer of defense, though burglar bars around the sides or back of a house are often so protected from view that a burglar might be willing to take the time to cut through them or remove them. If bars are properly installed, and installed on all accessible windows, burglars will have to decide whether or not it is worth the trouble to try and break into your house. When you consider that most burglars are simply looking for an easy target, then a burglar alarm acts as a deterrent much in the same way that many other home security devices work.

Installing burglar bars on all the windows in your house can provide one relatively inexpensive physical obstacle for burglars, though there are often better options for homeowners looking to protect their property. Adding properly installed door and window alarms, surveillance cameras, or alarm company signs are some of the many ways that you can improve the security of your home’s entry points without the high visibility of burglar bars over the windows.

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