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Top Roses To Choose If You Don’t Want Thorns

Most people can barely imagine having roses without having thorns. They are so beautiful that most people are willing to risk the pain of the thorns. However, today there are a variety of different options available. In fact, today there are various rose varieties that are actually thornless. So, let’s take a look at some of the top roses that don’t have the thorns anymore. You’ll be able to get rid of those gardening gloves and go on dealing with your roses without having to worry about thorns.

Rose #1 – The Banksias Rose – This is a rose that is just about thornless and it has been very popular with many gardeners. It was first introduced in Kew Gardens, just about 200 years ago. This Banksias Rose usually has many blooms on it during the flowering season of about two months. You’ll find that it blooms in the early fall, in September and October and there are beautiful yellow double bloom flowers that look amazing. While the flowers are not that big, with so many on one bush, they are totally spectacular.

This type of a rose is a rambling rose that grows freely. However, you’ll find that you can easily keep it in place by trimming it, since there are no thorns to worry about. It is important to note that this rose should not be pruned during the winter months, but it should be trimmed right after it finishes blooming. The flowers of this rose are produced in the wood from the growing season previous, so pruning during the winter months can be disastrous.

You’ll find that the Banksias Rose is admired around the world, especially since it is easy to care for and grow. It is just about totally disease resistant and you don’t have to worry about using fungicide sprays on a regular basis. Usually you won’t want to use commercial fertilizer on it often either, and it should be planted in a sunny area that is well drained.

Rose #2 – The Zephirine Drouhin – This is probably the most popular rose that is nearly thornless. It was named after the wife of a French man who was a rose enthusiast, and her name was Zephirine Drouhin. This is a lovely Bourbon rose that should be planted in an area that will allow you to enjoy the wonderful fragrance of the rose. You’ll find that it is a moderate climber that grows to about 10-12 fee high, even though some have reported that it can climb quite a bit higher. It is quite easy to train this rose to grow on an archway, up your porch rails, or even to grow on a trellis. Since it is just about thornless, you can easily handle it. The flowers on it are big and dark pink, and they bloom from about May to when the first frost is.

This rose bush is well known for the shade tolerance and it grows best in moist soil that is in the shade. You’ll need great air circulation for your Sephirine Drouhin in order to keep fungal disease under control. If you want to keep it flowering well and help it resist diseases, you’ll want to plant it in the full sun. You should prune it during the dormant season and you should destroy the dead leaves around it as well to keep disease away. The Zephirine Drouhin is quite susceptible to black spot, mildew, Rose rosette, and rust.

Rose #3 – The Smooth Buttercup Thornless – This is a variety of nearly thornless rose that has been praised by gardeners across the world and has won a variety of prizes as well. This is a compact floribunda that has clusters of blossoms that are golden in color. You’ll find that the Smooth Buttercup Thornless repeatedly blooms throughout the entire growing season and the blooms have a light fragrance as well.

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