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Tater Tornado

The following is definitely not your grandpa’s French fries. This is actually the new and superior potato which goes by the name of Boardwalk Tater Tornado!

Each Tater Tornado is actually wrecking, killing and eradicating hungry kids at fairs, fests in addition to fun-loving functions across the United States. Watch for them during the up coming district or town carnival in your neck of the woods.

Anyone should possibly grab one up in a hurry simply just because of the utter entertainment appeal involving being in a position to get images of this brand-new technology and talk about it all vacation long. Take some photos of it using your Apple i phone and post it to all your Facebook mates.

What is the Tater Tornado?

The Tater Tornado is a big potato which has been sliced using a spiral process so that you have big circular potato slices. Then every one of the slices are skewered with a long, slender wooden stick. Next everything is fried just like the strategy of frying French fries.

This is a special slicing machine thats capable of cut the potato directly into spiral shapes and also the bamboo skewer helps maintain each of the slices alongside one another, according to The slices are deep-fried inside hot oil and therefore the result is usually a kind of merging or mix of the best of French fries and large circular potato chips.

In accordance with the Associated Press, one particular seller who offers these types of scrumptious pleasures in Nj has described an area of the wonder of a Tornado Potato is the fact that the deep-fried pieces of potato adhere to the skewer and you may simply keep it up to your mouth and also take bites as you go walking around. This may be also a negative predicament simply because it may easily be shared along with others, contrary to something like a hot dog or hamburger.

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