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Protecting Your Credit Score With Debt Consolidation

There is no getting away from the fact that some people are better with money than others who seem to be constantly in debt no matter what they do. Often the cause of this financial trouble is not theirs, they are in fact a victim of circumstances over which they have no control which could be anything from medical costs to redundancy at their place of work.

Debt is like a snowball which takes ages to get going but once it is, it’s hard to stop. However, may of us feel under huge pressure to maintain an image of wealth as it is considered by so many that any type of financial trouble is an indication of failure or that they are just not very capable with money.

Of course when this happens, the easiest solution is to draw cash on the credit card which soon mounts, and of course the interest is higher, eventually there will be no credit left on the card but the debt will still be there. This can continue for some time because as long as they are paid their monthly premiums the credit card companies are not bothered which means that additional credit cards can be applied for.

It is only a matter of time before this financial house of cards starts to tumble, and when it starts going downhill, it will pick up speed faster than a snowball on a mountainside. More debts, like personal loans are not an option, and at this point are rarely available even if that was a viable option, which at this point it is not.

Even bankruptcy is not a viable option since the laws changed and made it more difficult to apply because it was becoming too easy for people to eliminate their debts in this way. The most viable option for people in this situation is debt consolidation as a debt consolidation loan can take care of your debts but it is not filing bankruptcy.

Once you have made the application for a debt consolidation loan, a specialist company will take over control of your debts using the consolidation loan that they control. This is not a loan where you get cash in hand, but rather it is a loan on paper and instead of making umpteen payments each month to each of your creditors, you make only one payment each month to the debt consolidation company.

Although you may not at first see the advantage in this, there is a very distinct one, and that is that the total amount you currently pay each month will be reduced dramatically. So if for instance you were paying a significant amount of cash in repayments every month to cover debts then your debt consolidation loan would probably lower this amount by around 25 to 30 percent which is quite a saving to make if your outgoings are in the thousands of dollars.

This will also save the problems experienced by people trying to rebuild their credit score after bankruptcy and although it will still take some time to repair, the process will be quicker as financial institutions see you taking your financial responsibilities more seriously.

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