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How to Run an Article Directory, Smoothly…

Well, there aren’t any shortcuts as to running full-blown article directories but there are short easy steps on how to run a small article directory smoothly until it grows full-blown.

Here are the things to consider in successfully running an article directory.

1. Directory Name

The name itself of the article directory matters bigtime for your SEO purposes. It is highly recommended to include your keywords in the domain name itself. For example,, this domain not only includes the keywords “Free Content” and “Free Articles” it also fits to be a brand. In most cases shorter domain names are better than long ones. SEO should start with the name and the domain name then next is the branding concern.

2. Grammar Check On Submit

Checking the grammar while still on the submission process is very effective on your efforts to review and moderate the article submission queue. There are many online grammar tools which you can use programmatically like and others. Checking the grammar for each article submission is already checking the submission if it is valid or just simple SPAM. My article directory is checking grammar scores to a passing of 70%. Below my grammar passing score it means the article is but no use and should be not accepted.

3. Use Anti-Spam Filters

Filtering submissions now a-days is really too easy with anti-spam filter tools like Akismet and others. This filtering method also helps your article directory from getting SPAMs and HAMs all over the internet. This is the most critical part of your entire article submission process. Failure to use the better anti-spam program means failure in your whole article directory business model. So choose the best anti-spam program available. Check the user reviews and all available data comparing each and every program to use.

4. Filter Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a common method by spammers and blackhat SEO individuals. How to filter them? Know the most common keyword (one word) used all through out the article submission. Get the keyword density of the most commonly used keyword and check if it pass.

The standard and accepted keyword density to avoid keyword stuffing on articles is 7%. Beyond this percentage (7) you are already in the list of most search engines as keyword stuffing spammer.

Of course it is always very important to following each and every step in your submission guidelines. Also keep your submission guidelines as concise as possible. Submission guidelines should be followed and implemented strictly, if you want your article directory to become a premium resource once it grows to be a large archive of ezine articles.

To wrap things up… it is very costly and expensive to run an article directory not only in the expenses to hire a moderator just to review all article submissions but also in your time to develop one. To smoothly run an article directory do all the hard work stuff in the article submission process. Getting things done could lead you to no moderations at all.

Mike Nelgan is an Article Directory expert visit his website at Free Content Articles

Mike Nelgan is an Article Directory expert visit his website at Free Content Articles

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