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IQ Air Purifiers: Say Goodbye to Allergies

The world is ever evolving and so is the human race. We seem to be running in a race in which our most fearsome opponents are ourselves. Mother Nature seems to be running as fast as she can, trying to cope up with the new discoveries, new technologies, and the new trends that seem to be popping up from everywhere. We engage in so many activities that slowly endanger our environment and, in the long run, us. We have become so used to all the smoke, dust, smog, and other types of air pollution that we hardly notice that there is something wrong with the air that we’re breathing. Not unless we go to the country or some rural area where nature is in abundance and the air is clear and free from the pollutants ever present in cities.

But for majority of the people who live in cities, it is ordinary and quite normal to fill their lungs with dirty and polluted air. Little do we know that we are causing such detriment to our bodies. Some common reactions that we get are allergies and breathing-related problems. That is the reason why IQ Air created some of the best air purifiers in the world. IQ Air Purifiers come in different designs and sizes to cater to each specific need.

Some of the main features of these air purifiers are:

– Hyper HEPA Filtration System. This type of filter removes the minutest particles, including microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, allergens, and dust and other particles that are literally microscopic in size. The great thing about this hyper HEPA system is that it can filter particles even smaller than 0.3 microns. This air purifier filter system is patented by IQ Air and is the first filter tested and certified with the ability to filter up to 0.003 microns. This guarantees a minimum efficiency of 99.5 percent. Other purifiers only capture up to 0.3 micron particles and allow the rest to permeate.

– Sealed Structure. The body of IQ Air Purifiers is housed in such a way that there will be no need for additional sealants to trap the micro-particles in. This gives the assurance that all the air that goes into the air purifier passes through the hyper HEPA structure.

– V5 Cell Gas and Odor Filter. Some models of IQ Air Purifier contain activated carbon and activated aluminum that filter the particles that escape the initial filtration system. The activated carbon works by adsorption. That means the smaller particles stick to the compound. The activated aluminum reacts with the remaining particles by oxidation process.

The top-of-the-line models of IQ Air Purifiers are so efficient that they are used in rooms that hold sensitive U.S. military equipment. The same air purifier is also used in hospital rooms especially in cases wherein patients need reverse isolation or are hypersensitive to allergens. Pharmaceuticals and microchip manufacturers also use IQ Air Purifiers to keep their production rooms sterile. Plus, the IQ Air HealthPro air purifier model is so efficient that it was the first of its kind to obtain an EN 1822 Certification. This is one of the most stringent clean air certification processes. In fact, IQ Air Purifiers can assure you of a 99.5 percent overall efficiency and you can say goodbye to allergies.

Find significant information about IQ Air Purifiers at Bank’s Vacuum Superstores. The site proves helpful for you to be able to study the models’ features and compare prices with other vacuum models.

For air cleanliness & staying away from allergies visit IQ Air

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