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Elderly Care: How to Recognize a Good Carer

Smiling? Helpful? Good looking? Nice and tidy?

So what should a good carer be like?

Normally you get to meet them just once before you say: “Yes, we want to go ahead with this company, we would like this carer to look after our parents.”

Then what is the best methodology to assess care givers so that you really get the best person who will look after your loved ones really well? How to spot whether there’s that nice match of personalities between the two, which makes sure that they will understand each other?

Generally, there are three main criteria:

1. Passion & Love

Does the carer have the passion for his work? Will they be able to look after your dearest even though they might be tired or not just in mood? Will they be able to bring their whole personality into the job, having real interest in the elderly, talking to them about their hobbies and making them feel well in the first place?

2. Professionalism

Does the carer have the necessary qualifications, such as Fetac 5 in Caring for the Elderly? Do they understand issues of home care for the elderly people? How many years of experience do they have?

Do they know what to do in case of an emergency? Are they familiar with patient’s health?

3. Patience and Persistence

With elderly people, one must be sometimes really tolerant and patient. It’s not only about that their movements are slower, it’s also that the time might flow in slightly lower pace in their presence. And yet it can really be nice to spend time with them, listening to them, talking to them, and learning from their life experience.

A good carer should be really curious about their life, about their dearest, hobbies and stories. A great care giver should be looking forward to the job every day and not rush away when it’s their time to leave the patient.

Now ask yourself whether the carer you are having at the moment meets these main criteria. Do they love the person they look after, do they know what the person really needs, are they able to keep going for longer time and build a long-term relationship with their client?

Home Help: Let Them Do What They Love!

Looking after flowers, going for a walk, watching TV, drinking beer… Let them do what they like. It’s essential, also from psychological point of view, that we spend some time during the day doing what we really enjoy.

The age doesn’t matter. Your parents want to do their favourite hobbies even if they are 70. And this does not have to be limited just to cooking or gardening, they also might have some more interesting pastimes, like going fishing, going to see their favourite football match or going swimming – yet without your help they perhaps are not able to do these things.

Please, don’t leave it like that. Don’t let them forget about what they like, as they will lose the joy and passion in their life. Don’t let them convince themselves that they are old enough and that they “are not allowed” or “cannot” have this fun.

If you don’t have time yourself, get a carer, find somebody who will bring them to their favourite place, somebody who will help them enjoy life even at their age – and you will see the difference in their eyes.

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