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EFO Online Shop Releases Small Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard: a Convenient Keyboard Supported to Various Gadgets

The word keyboard is commonly known and linked to notebook. Keyboard is one of the most essential components to optimize gadget performance not only for computer but also for some other gadgets such as mobile phone, iPad, iPhone etc.

Conventional keyboard has standard size around 40-45 cm (length), 15-20 cm (width) and height around 2-3 cm. Currently, many people are still using conventional keyboard such as for home laptop or in Office. Now, known as mobile era where everything need to be quick, flexible, and easy to carry. A lot of people like to travel across countries to do business, traveling etc. and they like to go with their gadgets.

As technology has been built in many areas including in laptop technology, keyboard also has been developed. EFO Online Shop releases Handy Rollable Bluetooth Keyboard. The Small Bendable Bluetooth Keyboard is made from quality silicone material and it is durable convenient, soundless and durable. Further, Small Rollable Bluetooth Keyboard has some benefits. First, it is easy to store and carriable, that user can carry this Portable Rollable Keyboard while they are on traveling. Secondly, with the Bluetooth people is able to operate it anyplace or working condition with Bluetooth enabled computer, Macintosh and iPad / iPad 3G / iPhone 4, etc.

In addition, to meet user satisfactory there are several features inside the Portable Bendable Bluetooth Keyboard, and they are:

– 85 keys and 11 hot keys (Complete Fn and Media keys)
– Silicone surface, curved keycap, ergonomics, waterproof surface, and fashionable appearance
– Creative design, can be rolled up, silent typing, voice communication and convenient to store
– Power On/Off button
– Built-in rechargeable battery
– Works in iPad / iPad 3G / iPhone 4 / Nokia Symbian
– Compatible with Windows Mobile, Window 7 / Vista / XP / 2000, Mac OS X v.10.1.10 or above

Additionally, various HOT KEYS are available to optimize Mini Rollable Bluetooth Keyboard usage such as; Dim Monitor, Brighten Monitor, Expose, Bashboard, Back, Play/Pause, Forward, Mute, Volume Down, Volume Up, Pop-Up CD

Portable Bendable Bluetooth Keyboard is available at EFO Shop. The price is $34. Inside the package is: a Handy Rollable Bluetooth Keyboard, USB Retractable Cable and User’s Manual

Want to know more of Portable Rollable Bluetooth Keyboard, please visit EFO Online Shop which is an online shopping store that concentrates on promoting special State-of-the-Art yet friendly devices at reasonable prices. It is particularly tailored to supply different solutions for different people, anyplace and anytime. Except the flagship product, EFO Wireless Handheld Keyboard, it has other helpful tools such as Emergency Charger for any USB gadget, IR Wireless Motion Detection Auto LED Light, etc. The shop has a 30 day ‘Not Questions Asked’ return policy and reimbursement of shipping fee if any tool is expected out of order. People can purchase here without worry and hesitation.

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