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Become a Better Bartender – Earn More Money

Okay, so you are already a bartender, or you want to be a bartender. There are a few simple things to keep on the tip of your brain while working that will help you to achieve the goal of becoming a better bartender, and undoubtedly will help you earn more money. In the following article I will cover some basics ingredients that will help you achieve these goals; with this being said let’s get started.

First, and foremost it is very important to develop a good relationship with your regular bar customers. Building good rapport with your “regulars” will not only make your job easier from day to day, but will also help you earn more money. The sweetest sound to most people is the sound of hearing their own name, make sure to learn all your customers’ names, and while you are at it, let them know your name as well. Being on a first name basis is the first step to getting to know anyone better, and developing a relationship. After you’ve accomplished the prior step, the next step would be to learn more about your customers, do they have a family, what are their hobbies, what kind of work do they do, etc. Understanding their life situation will help you to better relate, and make it easier to have conversation. Remember many people head to the bar for “therapy” of sorts, and to talk about, or share things going in their daily lives.

Your knowledge of special cocktails, beers, and food the bar serves is also very important. Knowing the products in great detail will allow you to operate with more confidence, and will affect your ability to make more sales. People are more comfortable around people they feel to be knowledgeable, and knowing your products will make your customers feel more at ease at your bar. Think about how uncomfortable a situation can become when you as the customer know more about the product than the person trying to sell it to you.

Dress to impress, always have nice clean clothes, make sure they are pressed/ironed, and you look “put together.” This also extends to your personal hygiene, make sure your nails are clean & clipped; your hair looks nice, etc. Nobody wants to be served drinks, or food by someone who looks like they haven’t showered in a week, and has dirty fingernails, etc, I think you get the idea.

Keep you bar nice, and clean. Nobody likes to sit down at the bar, and put their elbows into a nice sticky puddle of who knows what on the bar. Customers also do not want to see a bunch of crumpled up dirty napkins sitting around on the bar. Constantly wipe down the bar, straighten the chairs when people leave, make sure the discarded napkins are cleared away, and put in the trash. Make sure the glasses get cleaned well; nobody likes to find that the glass they’ve been drinking from has lipstick on the rim.

Lastly, preparation before your shift will go a long way to ensuring you get off on the right foot for the day, or night. Make sure all your liquor bottles are topped off, you aren’t missing any liquor bottles you will need, you have plenty of garnishes, napkins, glasses, bottled beer, etc. Ensure there are no bar stools missing, they are wiped down, the bar is wiped down, bottles are wiped down, etc. There is no substitution for being well prepared for anything in life.

Following these few simple tips above will help you to become a better bartender, and ultimately earn more money.

I hope you found this article helpful and interesting, for more information about bartender school, bartenders schools, or bartending classes, check out my website.

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