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Why Replace a Fluorescent Tube With an LED T8 Tube

Installation of an LED T8 tube could help to bring your annual consumption of electricity down by as much as 50%. As we have all become concerned about reducing energy costs so various improvements have been made to the lighting we use around our homes and businesses.

Since the introduction of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) things have moved on quite considerably. The LED T8 tube is just another device that has been produced that is extremely energy efficient. Because these types of lights use far less energy it means that the amount we spend on electricity to run them has also been reduced. But it isn’t only the cost savings that are now making such lights so popular. We are also coming to learn that these types of lights are beneficial to the environment.

One of the reasons why these types of lights are so beneficial to the environment is that they don’t contain any hazard components. These particular light tubes contain no mercury or lead within them, which when these components become hot release toxins in to the atmosphere that aren’t harmful to us but also to the environment.

Plus as well as the LED T8 tube not containing any harmful components that release toxins they won’t cause any harm when broken. However as these lights use far less electricity in order to produce the light they emit they don’t become as hot as conventional tubes are. Therefore the risk of them exploding is greatly reduced.

Most people when looking to replace lights in their homes will never take into account their durability. This is because most people don’t really understand what the benefits are to installing a light that is going to last for many years to come.

Normally you would expect a fluorescent tube light to last for around 1,000 hours if kept on all the time. Whereas when it comes to using an LED T8 tube you should expect these to last for around 50,000 hours or more before they need replacing. What this means in terms of years of use is that they shouldn’t need replacing for at least 5 years.

However if you were only to allow such lights to be on for say 12 hours in every day then expect them to last for even longer. You may be surprised to discover it will be 10 years or more before the LED T8 tube you have just fitted needs to be replaced.

Of course we are all concerned about what effect the amount of electricity we use is having on our environment. Certainly with these types of LED lights you can help to ensure that you are doing your bit. Yet there is another way that these types of lights can also be of benefit to our environment as well. What you will find is that unlike a fluorescent tube when it comes to the LED T8 lamp these are made from components that are completely recyclable. So you are installing something that can be used for other purposes in the future rather than just being dumped into some landfill site.

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For more information on Ai LED T8 tube, pls visit Ai LED T8 tubes.

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