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Why Fit Lights in Your Home With LED Light Bulbs

You may not realize it but LED light bulbs should be considered as appliances. This is because they have been designed to perform a certain task through the use of electricity.

But how is it LED light bulbs may be classified, as an appliance when incandescent or fluorescent cannot be? The reason people are now classifying such bulbs as appliances is because they last longer as they are much more durable, and of course in comparison to other light bulbs these ones are much more energy efficient.

Today LED lights bulbs are considered to be the most energy efficient bulbs you can purchase. On average a good quality LED bulb is able to use up to 92% less energy compared to the bulbs you currently have fitted in your home. As a result this will offer you quite a considerable saving on your annual electricity bills.

Although the initial cost of installing such bulbs comes at a cost, the amount you then spend over the life time of service they offer you are a great deal lower than you get from the incandescent type. Furthermore a large number of these LED light bulbs now come with an Energy Star rating. These ratings are issued in the US by the Environmental Protection Agency and normally are assigned to many different large and small appliances that you will already have in your home.

Historically light bulbs were often seen as a disposable item and this is why they cost so little to purchase. But with improvements in lighting technology it has resulted in LED light bulbs coming with a much longer life span in comparison to the kind of lighting we are using currently. It is this that also has helped to have such bulbs categorized as being appliances instead of being a consumable good.

A large number of these bulbs are now coming with claims that they will provide illumination for 30,000 hours or more. This in turn means that they have a life span of 27 years or more before they need replacing. It is this longer life span that is also helping them to be considered as a durable good like your refrigerator, washing machine or microwave is considered. Plus they are considered more as durable goods as unlike incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs these LED type maintain their value more.

Another feature that is making such these light bulbs increasingly popular is that they use a different type of technology to emit light. In incandescent lights you will find a filament that needs to be heated up in order to emit light.

Yet within LED light bulbs these are fitted with a semi conductor through which electrons then pass to produce the light. The technology used in these bulbs is much more capable of withstanding shock or vibration, making them much more durable and therefore much more reliable. For anyone who wants to save money as well as help to do their bit for the environment replacing your current bulbs with the LED variety should seriously be considered.

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