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Should We Use LED T8 Fluorescent Tube Lights?

Recently, it was reported that the world is experiencing electricity supply. The researchers are taking some measures to solve the problem of power shortage. The recent development of the LED, Light-emitting Diode and CFL, the Compact Fluorescent Light is focused on trying to solve the issues of electricity shortage which the world is likely facing now. However, the question is, which types of lights are most effective in solving the problem. We should find out more.

Many may perhaps choose the LED light tubes over the CFL while other people might think otherwise. In order to know what is the most effective type of lighting to be used, one should take into considerations the mechanism on their ability to produce the much needed light. CFL or compact fluorescent lights are made of filaments which has to be burned in order to produce light. For this reason, as the process of burning takes place, plenty of energy is being used.

Basically, they consume almost a quarter of energy which is consumed by an incandescent lamp bulb. An incandescent light bulb is a source of electric light and it works through the process of incandescence which produces heat and consumes plenty of energy too. Also, CFL has a much shorter life span as compared to LED lamps.

The LED or light-emitting diodes produce light like CFLs but they do not produce any kind of filaments and as such, it doe not involve heating, so basically it doesn’t consume too much energy. As you compare this to an incandescent lamp bulb, the LEDs are definitely more efficient as they produce lights and only consumes about 9% of energy as compared to the light bulb.

The good thing about LED light tubes is that they last much longer if you compare them to that of a CFL’s capacity to produce light. LED lights are a lot more effective as compared to CFLs. Although the cost is higher as compared to traditional lamps, they can be used longer than CFL, and as such you do not require to change lights regularly. There are a few manufacturers which produces poor quality LEDs and you must be aware of such as they do not work properly. So, they are more of a disadvantage than an advantage. As such, in order to save up to lighten the universe from the burden of shortage in electricity, you must choose the right lighting device with good quality.

As well as being much easier to replace another reason for getting rid of fluorescent lights for the new LED type is that they can be more beneficial to your health. Fluorescent lights unfortunately don’t emit a more yellowy colour light and this can lead to strain being placed on your eyes, in turn this can result to you suffering from headaches. However the light emitted by LED T8 tube lights is much clearer and brighter and also tends to be a lot whiter in colour.

As you probably already know LED lights not only use less power but also generate a lot less heat when on. In fact the temperature at which these lights operate is just 100 degrees Fahrenheit. So it is possible should the need arise for you to be able to remove and replace any LED T8 tube lights with having to wait until they have cooled down.

For more information on Ai LED T8 fluorescent tube lights, pls visit LED T8 fluorescent tube lights.

For more information on Ai LED T8 fluorescent tube lights, pls visit LED T8 fluorescent tube lights.

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